Saturday, October 15, 2016

Googly Eyed Candy Pops

 These little g00gly eyed guys are simple to make and sweet to eat.
The perfect cooler weather and fall-time treat!
 "Eye" see you!
 You will need: marshmallows, black candy melts, black fondant, black sugar sprinkles (not pictured), and lollipop sticks.

I used a pair of food dedicated scissors to cut my marshmallows. If you don't have any, you can use a knife.
Wet your scissors or knife and cut through the middle of marshmallow.
You now have two eyeballs!

Roll fondant into balls and flatten to make the eye centers.
Melt candy melts according to directions on package. I used a cereal spoon and spooned a nice dollop of melted candy onto parchment paper. I then used the back of the spoon to swirl the candy into a circle.
 Insert lollipop stick and shake sprinkles to cover the candy pop.

Place the g00gly eyes onto pop with a dab of melted candy. Let set till candy hardens.
And remember..I'm watching you! hehehe!

Won't the kiddos just love these yummy and fun candy pops?!
Have a super sweet day, Karen   :o)

Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Pumpkin Patch Marshmallows

And so we bid summer farewell.

Fall has always been my favorite season, but i'm still always sad to see my warm summer/seashore season fade away.

Maybe these sweet little pumpkin patch treats will perk me up. I think they turned out kinda cute. See there? I'm already smiling!

Happy Fall Y'all!
To make your own easy pumpkin patch, you will need:
-S'moreMallows marshmallows
-Oreos (or any chocolate wafer type cookie)
-Dark cocoa and royal blue candy melts
-candy eyes
-star sprinkles
For the "dirt" crumbs, I crushed up some Oreo cookies after scraping off the creamy centers. 

So..I made myself a super yummy six layer stuffed cookie. Woohoo!
Melt blue candy over low heat on stove or follow directions on bag for microwave melting.

Dip top two thirds of marshmallow in blue melts. (I used a lollipop stick in my first one but found it easier to just hold the mallow and dip) 
Lay the mallow on parchment paper and place the pumpkins and stars. Attach the eyes to pumpkins with a lollipop stick (or something similar). Just dab on a tiny amount of melted candy to the backs and place onto the pumpkins. Let set till dry.
Now we can dip the bottom ends of marshmallow into the melted dark cocoa melts and then onto the crushed Oreos.
Insert a stick..or not. I think they're cuter on a stick!
How easy was that?

I think I'm all into Fall now!

So glad you dropped by.

Have a sweet day, Karen   :o)

Friday, September 16, 2016

Caramel Apple Trees

I am a huge caramel apple fan. I'm still over the moon that I can make homemade caramels and we had a blast last fall making our first dipped apple treats.

When I found out that Wilton had come out with Caramel Apple candy melts, I knew I had to make these trees. But oh boy did I have a hard time finding them in the store.

I should have asked hubby first because within minutes he'd found they were in stock at our local Jo-Ann's craft store. They had three bags. I bought them all!

These treats are cute to the core and yummy too!

Now let's have some sweet fun!
Items needed: Caramel Apple candy melts, Wilton branch treat sticks, S'moreMallows, red and light brown fondant and (not pictured) green sugar sprinkles and parchmant paper.
 I used my sweet pie top crust cutter to make my fondant apples. I bought mine several years ago at an apple barn in the mountains.
I went online to see if they're still available and yes, they are!
Click here or here to purchase one of these cuties!

Roll out the red and light brown fondant and press cutter into fondant. I used the tip end of a food paintbrush to gently coax the tiny apples from the cutter.
 Aren't these little apples just darling?!

I used my Wilton fondant cutter tool to cut the "caramel" apples. A sharp knife will will just as well.

Trim just the top off the light brown apples, dab a drop of water to the back and place on top of the red apples.

I'm in LOVE!
 Let apples set while you melt the melts!
You can follow directions on the candy melts bag or you can be daring like me and melt on the stove. 
I use a small saucepan over low heat, stirring occasionally till melted.
I found my Wilton tree branch sticks at Jo-Ann's store.

I was so excited to happen upon them in my search for the elusive candy melts.

Insert stick into marshmallow and dip into candy melts.
Immediately sprinkle on green sugar sprinkles and place on wax or parchment paper to set.

Wouldn't these be fun for a teacher's treat or your kid's lunchbox or a fall party?!
Dab a dot of melted candy to backs of apples and place on marshmallow trees. 

I have always wanted to say that! *wink*
Thanks so much for stopping by.

I love you a bushel and a peck!

Have a sweet day, Karen.  :o)

Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Pretzels:Dipped, Smothered & Covered!

It is my candy coated opinion, that, while in WDW, you can never spend too much time gazing longingly at the amazing Disney treats being made right before your very eyes!

Actually, "being made" is not the right term. Pampered, coddled, gently coaxed into being..yes, that's much more accurate. I just have to watch in wonder, and yes, even dream of working in a Disney candy kitchen!

Last week, I got to celebrate my birthday in the Magic Kingdom (52 and still lovin' it)! I was standing in the sweet Main Street Confectionery and staring all "sugar eyed" as I watched the candy makers creating and decorating Mickey Mouse rice krispie treats, caramel apples, pretzels and more. 

They had these huge bowls and tubs filled with melted chocolate and sprinkles and M&Ms and jimmies and colored sugars! Then, after they dipped the treats in chocolate, they would place each one into a candy filled tub and cover the entire thing, gently patting and pressing, making sure it was completly smothered. The treats were left to rest as they would move on to the next one. This resting time allowed for the maximum amount of candies to "stick" to the chocolate coating. Wow! 

I'm am hooked! I must make my own. Here I go.
Go with me won't you?!
 Disney also dips lots of their sweets in caramel. I do too. Today, I am dipping my pretzels in peanut butter caramelClick here for my recipe. I also have a yummy vanilla caramel recipe. Of course you can always just skip the caramel, but why would you want to?!
Pretzel rods are the salty base for our treats.
Perfect for all the yummy sweetness we'll be adding to them.
 Five simple ingredients are needed for the peanut butter caramel. Brown sugar, corn syrup, sweetened condensed milk, peanut butter and vanilla.
I poured my caramel into a quart size mason jar to make for easier dipping. 
 Let cool just a bit and then dip, dip, dip away.
Gently scrape excess caramel against the mouth of the jar. 
This will help prevent "caramel spread".
 Lay dipped pretzels on parchment paper sprayed lightly with non-stick cooking spray.

I only dipped 21 pretzels and used about half the caramel. So I poured the remaining caramel into a parchment lined loaf pan lightly sprayed with non-stick spray. Voila, peanut butter caramels for snacking!  :)
As the caramel sets, melt the chocolate.
I used about 34 ounces to cover 21 pretzels including drizzling for several of them.
Again, I poured the chocolate into a mason jar for dipping.
Here's the part I've been waiting for!

Lay the chocolate covered pretzel in your candy filled tub/pan/dish.
Now cover the entire thing with candies.
Following the candy makers steps, I gently patted the candies making sure my pretzels were cacooned and smothered in M&Ms!

Now we let them rest a few minutes till completely set.

Cause, sometimes you feel like an M&M..
..sometimes you don't!
 My family is REALLY gonna LOVE me now!
 Candy is just so dang purty!!
Just in case you weren't convinced thet you wanted one..
Thanks for dropping by Sugartown Sweets..
See Ya Real Soon!

Monday, July 25, 2016

Snow-Capped Peppermint Christmas Tree Lollipops

Joy of joys! It's time for my annual "Christmas in July" craft!

Actually, I haven't had time for many crafts this summer, 'cause I've been biz, biz, busy.
You know, family time, celebrating birthdays, enjoying vacations, VBS...all the wonderfulness that makes up Life!

But, I knew this sweet treat had to happen, even though I have made the peppermint trees before.
A few years ago I made them a little bigger and added tree decorations.

I'm liking these smaller pops with the snow and berries and you'll like how quick and easy these are to put together.

Merry Christmas (in July)!
 You will need:peppermint candies, white chocolate, Christmas sprinkles (I used berries), lollipop sticks.

Tools needed:Parchment paper lined baking sheet.
 Preheat oven to 275 degrees. Place candies on lined pan and bake for 8-10 minutes or just until candies begin to melt and stick together. Insert lollipop stick. Cool completely.

Melt white chocolate (or candy melts) and dip the top of lollipop. Hold lollipop straight up and allow chocolate to drip down a little. Gently scrape excess chocolate from the back of the pop on the edge of cup and place on clean parchment paper. Apply sprinkles.
 Let candy set to harden.

Peppermint and chocolate, one of the great flavor combos made cute!
 Thanks for stopping by!

Have a sweet day, Karen   :o)
 Sugartown Sweets