Friday, July 14, 2017

Santa Starfish on the Beach~Christmas in July!

Two of my most favoritest things!

Christmas and the Beach.

I have several friends that are enjoying those wonderful sea breezes and oceans waves as we As for myself, I am preparing this post with the holiday movie, "A Dream of Christmas" 
playing in the background with dreams of our own beach trip next month!

Thinking to myself..toes in sand..toes in sand..

Anyways, several years ago, my sister-in-law brought me back a Santa starfish Christmas ornament from her trip to the Caribbean. I thought it was thoroughly adorable and have thought many times to make it into a craft.

I have also recently seen the cutest Santa starfish images on google and since it is "Christmas in July", now is the time!  
 Here are the items I used to make my starfish treats.
Graham crackers, Bugels, black and white fondant and white petal dust. Also, red, blue and peanut butter flavored candy melts.
 The list of tools I used are: fondant roller, sharp knife, food use only paintbrush, Wilton sea life fondant mold, starfish candy mold (not pictured here) and a tiny little sunglasses cutter.

I have not been able to find a link to the set of cutters my sunglasses came with, but there is a photo of the package they came in from an earlier post if you click on this link. 
A couple of years ago, I made my first Santa hats using Bugels and Sixlets for my Grinch Candy Spoons.

Today, I'm using white fondant rolled into tiny balls for the hat topper as I didn't realize I was out of Sixlets. I mean, how does that happen? 😜

Dip Bugels into melted red candy melts and attach fondant toppers. Let candy set. Then attach cut strips of white fondant for the hat cuff.
Are you feeling jolly yet?
Ho! Ho! Ho! Hats off to Christmas!
I must say, I'm really happy with how these starfish turned out. The peanut butter candy melts are the perfect color for these sweet sea creatures. I think the salted caramel melts would work great as well.

Melt candy in 30 second intervals at 50% power, stirring each time till melted smooth.

Fill each well and gently tap mold on counter.
Place into freezer for 10 to 15 minutes.
Turn mold upside down and gently pop out finished candies.
I'm outfitting my Santas with sunglasses. If you don't have the cutter, I think your craft will be cute even without them.
But if you do, just roll out the black fondant and press cutter through.
Now here is my all-time favorite mold. The Wilton fondant sea life mold.

To make the seashells, roll white fondant into a ball, press into mold, then gently pull back on mold and lift the shell out.
I applied dry white petal dust with a dry brush to give my shells a pretty sheen.
For the beach background, I covered the graham crackers in blue candy melts and dipped the bottoms into crushed grahams.

I can almost smell the salty air!

If you are reading this and you live by the sea, you are Blessed! Living the dream! 🌊🌊
Let's get these guys dressed!
Using melted candy, place hats onto starfish and attach fondant pieces and let candy set to dry.
If you want another Christmas in July treat, click here for my Snowcapped Lollipops.

We wish you a Merry Christmas in July!🎜🎜🎝

Enjoy the rest of your summer!

Have a sweet day, Karen

Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Firecracker Brownie Bombs!

Firecrackers for the Fourth of July?

Yes! And let's make 'em edible!

How can we possibly make the already yummy Ghirardelli brownie mix even more delish? Stuff 'em with Milky Way bars. Um, yeah!

Before we tuck into our family cookouts, BBQ picnics, baseball games and fireworks, let us remember to give thanks for all the men that were willing to fight for the freedoms we enjoy in this wonderful land of America. This wonderful land that we call Home!
 Cross section of this fabulous firecracker brownie!

Yes, those are chocolate chips AND Milky Ways!
 Make your brownies according to directions on box.
I usually sub buttermilk for the water, but I was out and they were still good!

I also add vanilla. I'm using vanilla powder. 
 Decorations for my brownies include, sprinkles, licorice ropes and dipping chocolate.
Spray brownie pop pan liberally.

I bought two pans as my Ghirardelli mix will make 18 brownies. 
Scoop small amount of batter into prepared pan.

Top with mini Milky Way bars.
Fill each well with additional brownie batter.

I baked my brownies at 325 degrees for 30 minutes.
Make sure to let your brownies cool completely before removing from pan.

I did not and as you can see they were still a bit too soft.
 Dip, drench and cover in melted Ghirardelli chocolate.
I used a lollipop stick to make the indention for the candy "wick" and decorated with sprinkles.

Now let the festivities begin! 
POP goes the Firecrackers!
May you all be Blessed with a wonderful Fourth of July!

Sweet thoughts, Karen 😊

Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Airplane Marshmallow Pops

Summertime-Vacation Time-Play Time!

Any way you say it, it's just plain fun time!

And speaking of planes, here's a fun edible craft to get you all ready for take-off!
I used regular and mini marshmallows, blue candy melts, gray fondant, silver pearl dust, blue lollipop sticks and an airplane cookie cutter.
Pop three marshmallows on each lollipop.
Melt candy melts according to directions on package and dip each pop into melted candy. 
I justπŸ’—this blue!!
Lay marshmallow pops on parchment paper till set.
Roll out fondant, coat cookie cutter in powdered sugar and press into fondant.

I tried to find a smaller airplane cutter, but alas I got stuck with my big bird..hahaha!

In the end, I decided to trim a little off the nose and wings and while still too large for my liking, I just rolled with it.
 To achieve that slight curve to my planes, I let them rest on a flower former. You could use an empty paper towel roll just as well.
Oops! Let's dust those planes with some pearl dust first.
There! That's better. All shined up and ready to fly! 

Hmm...then I thought my plane was too plainπŸ˜‰, so I added a nose piece. And a heart, cause I πŸ’– hearts!

Now for those fluffy clouds which I made by flattening the mini marshmallows. Sweet little puffs of soft candy!
I hope you all have a great summer and enjoy your vacation time!

My awesome hubby and I will be celebrating our 26th anniversary in a few days with a trip to Italy.

I am beyond excited and hope to share some of my photos with you all when we return!

Have a sweet day, Karen 😊

Monday, May 15, 2017

National Chocolate Chip Day Archive Recipes

Happy National Chocolate Chip Day!
Let's celebrate National Chocolate Chip Day! 'Cause of course we're all celebrating, right? I'm sharing two of my favorite chocolate chip cookies recipes.

The first one up just does it for me. I mean, coconut AND chocolate?!! Woohoo!

The other one is this scrumptious recipe from David Leite. It's "oh my goodness", good!

Hope you all have an awesome, chocolate chip kinda day!

Happy celebrating, Karen

Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Happy Easter Peeps

Hello, Peeps!

Today we have a no bake, no fuss, no kidding, Peeps treat!

I was in Publix a couple of weeks ago when these beautiful, green, Hostess Sno Balls caught my eye!
They would be so adorable topped with Peeps-and so, I did!

I will tell you the only thing hard about making these was not being able to take a sample bite. And they smelled SO good! You see, I am kinda on a sweets fast. Yep. Day #16 of 60! I can do it!

But, if you're not on a sugar strike, (what was I thinking) lucky you, cause I'm pretty sure you're gonna think these taste amazing!
Pictured, are the items you'll need.

Now, let's make the green frosting for the grass. Just squeeze a few drops of food coloring in the frosting and stir.

Next time, I will use regular frosting instead of the marshmallow. It was a little too stringy for piping grass.
How sweet is this little Peeper?!
Attach candy eyes to the Peeps with tiny dabs of frosting. 
Insert toothpick and press into cupcake.
Pipe grass and place candies.
I think the kids are going to πŸ’™ these!
Just hanging with my Peeps!
That's all folks!
Wishing you all a very Happy Easter!

Making life sweet, Karen 😊