Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Happy Easter Peeps

Hello, Peeps!

Today we have a no bake, no fuss, no kidding, Peeps treat!

I was in Publix a couple of weeks ago when these beautiful, green, Hostess Sno Balls caught my eye!
They would be so adorable topped with Peeps-and so, I did!

I will tell you the only thing hard about making these was not being able to take a sample bite. And they smelled SO good! You see, I am kinda on a sweets fast. Yep. Day #16 of 60! I can do it!

But, if you're not on a sugar strike, (what was I thinking) lucky you, cause I'm pretty sure you're gonna think these taste amazing!
Pictured, are the items you'll need.

Now, let's make the green frosting for the grass. Just squeeze a few drops of food coloring in the frosting and stir.

Next time, I will use regular frosting instead of the marshmallow. It was a little too stringy for piping grass.
How sweet is this little Peeper?!
Attach candy eyes to the Peeps with tiny dabs of frosting. 
Insert toothpick and press into cupcake.
Pipe grass and place candies.
I think the kids are going to 💙 these!
Just hanging with my Peeps!
That's all folks!
Wishing you all a very Happy Easter!

Making life sweet, Karen 😊

Monday, March 6, 2017

Peanut Butter Butterfinger Cookies

So I never thought I would say these words→I killed my KitchenAid!

The old white workhorse had become a much loved and necessary countertop apparatus.
 Arriving on a distant Christmas morning back in '97, she was gifted to me by my sweet hubby. She was beautiful and I could hardly wait to see what she could do! And just as I suspected, she could do anything!

Inspired by our MeMaw (who had passed just two months before), my sister and I began taking the first of four cake decorating courses. Bringing royal icing to our classes was a requirement and it only took making one batch to realize a stand mixer was a must-have.

I loved my first one, but like I said, I killed it. Killed it trying to make my first ever batch of cinnamon rolls. Still scared to try them again just yet..saving that for another day.

 So I walk into the shop the other day and my honey surprises me with a brand new KA! It's bigger, better, stronger and..RED!

What to make? Well, with a pantry brimming with cookie mix-ins and my Mom's fave candy being Butterfingers, I went with Butterfinger cookies. So easy, I just added a bag of Butterfinger chips to my classic Peanut Butter Cookie recipe. I also made a ganache to dip the cookies in and sprinkled with additional chips. These cookies are a winner!
Oh my but don't these look good?!
Beginning with a classic peanut butter cookie dough, we'll add to it a bag of Butterfinger chips.

I used two bags of Butterfinger bits. One for the cookie recipe and one for sprinkling on the finished dipped cookies.

This recipe will make 52 cookies. Umm..53 if you count the yummy cookie dough bite I had to sample! 😉
Out with the old ..to make room for the new.
The first stick of butter. Am I too sentimental?
Creaming, mixing, stirring, adding.

I'm loving the horsepower. Does a mixer even have horsepower?
Since I'm using Butterfingers, I'm shaping them like Butterfingers. Well, kinda anyways.
Bake cookies and cool.
Ghirardelli chips and heavy cream equals ganache!
Heat cream just to a boil, pour over your bowl full of chocolate, let sit a couple of minutes to melt, stir till smooth, lick the spoon!
Let's dip these beauties...mmmmm!
Sprinkle with Butterfinger bits.
Let sit till chocolate sets.
Recipe yields 52-53 dipped cookies!
I have to say, I think next time I'll try making the ganache with semi-sweet chocolate, although my taste-testers liked these just the way they were!

Thanks for stopping by Sugartown Sweets.

Have a sweet day, Karen 😋

Friday, February 10, 2017

Peeps Flower Pops

Hmmm..what to get my Mom for her (day before) Valentine's birthday.
Candy or flowers..or both!!

Yes! Here's a crazy easy and cute as can be Valentine's Peeps treat. 

Peeps Strawberry marshmallow hearts with Mike and Ike candies makes for a sweet flower pop to give to your special Valentine.

I think my Mom is gonna 💓 these!
You will need several..oh no, wait, just three items to make your flower pops. Peeps hearts, Mike and Ike candies and lollipops sticks.

Well, one more. You will also need a sharp knife.
Insert the lollipop stick into the heart.

Cut the green candy in half.

Press the sticky cut edges onto the lollipop stick.

You're done!

Now let us all celebrate this sweet holiday with those we love most and watch our love grow!

Happy Valentine's Day!

Sweet thoughts, Karen 💗

Friday, February 3, 2017

Football Marshmallow Pops

Let me just say, it is getting pretty exciting down in our neck of the woods!

The Falcons are going to the SUPER BOWL!!

#RiseUp #FlyFalcons #Woohoo

If you've got room for one more football treat in your game day grub fest, I think my football pops are a great way to kick off the night!

Our Sunday evening church service begins at 6 o'clock so we have our DVR set to record. I'm hoping to avoid anyone with a smart phone who (so kindly) wants to share the score! So if anyone sees me sticking my fingers in my ears and leaving out by the side door, you'll know why! Haha! 😜  
I used:
10 ounce bag Ghirardelli chocolate wafers
white gel food color tube
two-inch oval cutter
no-stick cooking spray
lollipop sticks
parchment paper
small cup of water
You will first have to look through your marshmallow bag to find ones that are large enough to fit the cutter. They are not all the same size!

Lightly spray your cutter, wipe off excess and press into the marshmallow cutting through.
Dip end of lollipop stick into water, shake off excess and insert into end of marshmallow. 
Melt chocolate according to package instructions or in a small saucepan over low heat.

Dip football pop in chocolate and place on parchment paper to set.
It was kinda hard not to sample as I dipped.

*Correction. I sampled as I dipped.😋
If I make these again, I think I would use regular white icing as opposed to gel. It would have made for cleaner lines..but these still turned out cute!
Don't drop the ball..make your football treats today!!

Here's to a great game with the Falcons and the Patriots!
Let's Go Falcons!

Have a sweet day, Karen

Friday, January 6, 2017

Kit Kat Snowman Craft

It's coming, it's coming..it's here!!!

As I sit here in my cozy chair by the fire and my hubby is grilling on the back porch, the first snowflakes are falling in Georgia!

We wait for this (sometimes elusive) day every year.

We finally have our...
Look at this cutie!

To get started, I dipped my knife in hot water, dried it off, then gently cut the candy bar into four sections.
Items I used to build my candy snowman:
White Chocolate Kit Kat bars
Candy coated sunflower seeds (for the nose)
Candy eyes
White candy melts (for the "glue")
Blue, pink and chocolate fondant

Tools and supplies I used:
Fondant roller
2 inch square cutter
paintbrush (used the handle end to dab on melted candy)
off-set spatula
parchment paper
To make the fondant hat, roll out fondant on parchment paper, cut out a two inch square, fold up bottom edge, place on top of Kit Kat bar and mark lines in hat with spatula.

Now just wrap the hat around the head section of candy bar, press cut ends together in back, gently gather middle section and pinch off top. Roll the pinched off fondant into a ball and press onto top of hat.

Whew! That sounds like a lot of steps, but after you try it once, you will be an expert fondant hat maker! 
Melt candy wafers in microwave and attach candy eyes and nose.
Baby it's cold outside, so our snowman needs a scarf!

Roll out two pieces of colored fondant and cut into strips.
Place strips side by side and roll together using fondant roller.

Cut out two lengths and using a knife, fringe the scarf ends.
Attach scarf to snowman with melted candy.

I then used snowflake sprinkles to decorate my hats!

How incredibly quick and easy these were to make. And you know that means more time to play in the snow!
Do you wanna eat a snowman?!! Yum!

Thanks for dropping by and if anybody needs me, I'll be outside!

Have a sweet and snowy day, Karen! 😊