Friday, December 29, 2017

Happy New Year Cookies!

I have been blessed with a wonderful year.
My grandbabies, children, and hubby are happy and healthy. So that makes me happy too!

I pray God gives us ALL an amazing new year in 2018!

 We can start with these cookies!
Sweet and sparkly cookies; as any new year treat should be! 😉
Prepare your favorite cookie dough.

Once again, I've used Lila Loa's vanilla cookie recipe. It's so good!
On a lightly floured surface, roll out cookie dough to 1/4 inch and cut out stars.
Bake your stars @375 degrees for 7-9 minutes. I bake mine for nine as I like them a little crispety!

If you like your cookies softer, stop at 7 minutes. 
I used this Wilton molds set for my fondant numbers along with, black and gold sprinkles, canned frosting, and black fondant. You will also need cornstarch, corn syrup, a food safe paintbrush, and a spatula.
 Yes, cornstarch, I missed you so much today. You see, in my absent-mindedness, I used powdered sugar to dust my fondant mold.

I molded my numbers twice and nearly gave up as they were sticking to the mold. You might think I would have realized the problem. I did not. Hence my wonkified numbers.

Remember, bakers, dust your molds with cornstarch!
 We'll add our black sprinkles to our 2018 by painting corn syrup on the numbers first and then shaking on the sprinkles.
To make our beautiful and sparkly gold star cookies, use a spatula to spread the frosting and then shake on those gold sprinkles. Attach numbers to cookies with a dab of frosting to the backs.

Now you have your edible, New Year's Eve party decorations all ready for your hungry guests!

What a great way to start off the New Year!

Hope you have a blessed and sweet one, Karen 😊