Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Frozen Turkeys Marshmallow Craft!

Hey y'all! It's almost time to thaw out your Thanksgiving turkeys!

But you know, I like frozen turkeys too. Especially when they're so cute..and su-weet like these!

Say Hello to the good people Tom!
Well..he would, but his mouth is kinda frozen shut!  ;o)
You will need:
Blue Nerds-for the snood
White Sparkling sugar
Blue food color spray
Blue Airheads
Berry Blast Mike and Ikes
Blue candy melts
Candy eyes
Canned frosting
Pretzel sticks
Protect the surface on which you will be spraying your marshmallows. Now spray your marshmallows! 

Warm the frosting in the microwave for a few seconds. Mine took less than ten. Now dip the mallow bottoms in to coat and sprinkle on the sparkling sugar.

Let set.
Oh y'all know how I love making bird legs.

Remember when I made these! Or how about these?!

Melt candy melts in the microwave in 30 second intervals on 50% power, stirring each time. 

You can put the candy in a baggie and snip off a tiny corner to pipe, or pour into a squeeze bottle with tip to pipe. Or you can do like I did and use a decorator bag with a tip.

Lay down a sheet of wax or parchment paper to prepare the turkey legs on. Now just pipe a turkey foot..hehe..and place a pretzel leg into it. Hold in place just till it stands on it's own.

Pipe some feet without pretzels as well. Let set to harden.
Use the candy melts-you could use the frosting just as well-to attach candy pieces.

I used a sharp pair of scissors to snip off a little triangle of blue Airheads candy for my beaks. Oops...which i totally hung upside down on all my poor, cold turkeys! 
Looking good from up here!
Eeek! How cute is this?!
These are not only adorable, but yummy too!
That's All Folks!

Happy Thanksgiving from my house to yours.

Sweet thoughts, Karen  :o)


  1. heehee! these turkeys make me giggle Karen! and i love the fact that they are frozen-very unique! :>D

    1. Thank you Lisa! Giggle, giggle, gobble, gobble! ;)

  2. Hi Karen,
    I'm a writer for SheKnows.com and I'm putting together a slide show featuring fun gingerbread house and other fun decorating ideas for kids for the upcoming holiday season. I tried to find a email for you but was unable, so I hope it's okay to reach out like this.I came across your peppermint candy gingerbread house tutorial on your blog and I would love your permission to include one of your photos in my slide show. This is the post I’m referring to:
    If you're willing to let me use one image from the post, I will attribute photo credit to you as well as link back to your site for the photo and the tutorial, so new readers can check out your great blog. We will share the slide show across our social media channels as well.
    Thanks for your consideration,
    Megan Zander

    1. Woohoo! Hello Megan! How awesome is this? Yes..I would love to be included in the slide show. Thanks so much..and Merry Christmas. :o)

  3. Oh Karen, these would be the perfect little turkeys for Olaf and his friends, right?? Too cute!