Thursday, July 9, 2015

Shark Week Treats

These sweet and fun treats are the perfect snack for your Shark Week survival kit!

My shark marshmallows were inspired by these too cute cookies!

And, since I didn't wanna bake, I thought S'moremallows were just what we needed to keep things easy. I mean..this just gives us more time for those jawsome shark shows you know!

So go ahead and take a bite outta Shark Week (treats)!

For another fun shark craft, check out my Shark Week Lollipops from last year.
S'moremallows, blue food color spray, gray fondant, black fondant, ready-made canned frosting, #2 decorating tip and bag, black sugar pearls, paper towel, sharp knife and fondant roller (not pictured). I also used a Christmas bulb cookie cutter and a flower fondant cutter to shape my shark.
 If you don't have these cutters, you could substitute others or even hand cut them yourself.
I gently squeezed the bulb cutter to shape the shark's body. I then cut off the bottom section. Next, I used one edge of the flower cutter for the inside of the mouth.

Using a #2 decorator tip, I piped teeny-tiny little teeth. Attach fondant pieces together with a dab of water. Press in the sugar pearl eyes (not pictured).
Ahhh..makes me wanna go swimming! But wait..who wants to swim with Jaws?! Not me! 
Ok, all better now.

Let's make that deep blue sea base for our giant fish friend. Just cut a paper towel to resemble an ocean wave. Now place the towel near the bottom of marshmallow and spray. Move it up a little and spray again. Repeat two or three more times. You will also want to completely cover the ones you will use as a base for the actual sharks.
These shark fins are super easy to hand cut.
 And how easy~cute is this?

Enjoy Your Shark Week and Hey, Stay Safe Out There!

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  1. Eek, I'm not going in the water with sharks, but I'd happily snack on your shark week treats. What a fun way to use the square marshmallows.

  2. hey can Jaws be cute? cuz i'd go into the water for these! ; )

  3. What a cute idea, shark week seems to always pass me by! Love how you added those tiny shark with teeth to the blue marshmallow!

    1. Thank you Kim! I love when sharks pass me by..haha! :o)

  4. How adorable! LOVE these sharks. Very clever using the different cutters to make the sharks. :)

    1. Thank you so much Michele! I am so glad you like them! :-)

  5. These treats are so creative, I love how you made the waves with the spray.