Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Peppermint & Eggnog Mustache Lollipops!

Happy 12.12.12 Everybody!
It's Christmas party season, and with me at the tail end of the mustache craze (that's just how i roll!), I thought it would be fun to use these seasonal Wilton candy melts. 
Two great flavors~ Peppermint & Eggnog..separately of course! 
Merry Christmas!

 I had a bit of a hard time finding my mustache my sweet hubby took me to Cake Art. You can place an order online, but I wanted mine yesterday! 
One word! Delicious!
I used red & white paper straws instead of lollipop cute!
(I used the green & white straws for the eggnog lollipops)
 Melt candy melts, pour into molds, insert lollipop stick and chill in frig to set candy. Prop the end of the straw to make sure it stays straight in candy. I used the handle of a knife.
 ...and so tasty too!
Yummy! Don't you just love the holidays? So many sweet treats to eat..and wear!

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