Monday, November 3, 2014

Airheads Surprise Inside Stuffed Turkey Marshmallows!

When Airheads asked me to make a craft for November, I said Yes & Yes!

My daughter told me I needed to make something "turkey". I agreed, but what kind of turkey..? Thinking..then it hit me..yes..stuff a turkey..a marshmallow turkey..with Airheads Bites!

I was inspired by these apple cookies and these marshmallows!

These are such a fun treat to make with your little

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Gobble, Gobble, Gobble...
These fruit flavored Airheads Bites are yum-o any way you spell it!
Ingredients needed for Stuffed Turkeys.
~Airheads Bars & Bites
~Campfire giant roasters marshmallows
~Ready-made frosting (chocolate wins over vanilla as the color matches the sprinkles)
~Candy eyes
~Chocolate sprinkles
~triangle candy sprinkles
~ready-made fondant

I used the middle size from these fondant leaf cutters.
 Airheads are nice and soft, so to make sure your feathers don't wilt, you can use fondant or gumpaste as a sturdier backing for your candy. Either one can be purchased ready-made.
Ohhh, how cute are these little Airheads turkey feet.
So easy, simple and sweet!
You can use any chocolate sprinkles to cover your marshmallows.
I used these.
Before we carve this turkey, he needs to be assembled.
I just rolled a small red piece of the candy between my fingers to fashion the turkey's snood. Thank you google!
Airheads do not care for the heat, so keep these in a cool, dry environment until you're ready to serve them.
We wish you an Airheads filled Thanksgiving!
Thank You Airheads!
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  1. Another brilliant idea. Love marshmallow covered anything!!!

    1. Thank you so much sis!! I know you love your marshmallows..must run in the family. ;)

  2. OMG, these are absolutely adorable. I love the chocolate sprinkles. Where do you buy those? I've not seen them before.

    1. Thank you so much Beth!
      I love these sprinkles new favorite. I included a link in my post, but it is easy to miss.
      Believe it or not, I found these at Wal-mart!

  3. dang these turkeys are KEEEE-UUUUTE! <3 :)