Saturday, February 6, 2016

Love Letters Marshmallows

I Love Love Letters...
and now I love love letters marshmallows!

I have been admiring some really beautiful love letters cookies from afar, well..on google images anyways. And while I love me a good cookie, decorating marshmallows has become one of my favorite things.

I fell in love with marshmallows several years ago after seeing Meaghan's super adorable marshmallow creations.

Here are the ones I made today and if I may say, they're so pretty in pink!!
There are lots of sweet ways you can decorate your envelopes. Here's what I used for these.

Cute little alphabet stamps from Purple Cupcake, a teeny heart cutter, food writers, hearts and kisses sprinkles, food color spray, fondant, fondant roller and S'moreMallows.
The Wilton pink fondant is a bit dark, so I added a little bit of white fondant and kneaded it to create a softer color.
Roll it out and using a sharp knife, cut out a "flap". Use this same method to cut out "postage stamps".
Since pink is like the best color on the planet, I used this food color spray on a couple of the marshmallows.
Use a food color pen to write your love letter.

Dab a little water to the back of fondant flaps and other candy pieces and attach to marshmallows.
I used one of the tiny little alphabet stamps to impress an initial into the fondant heart below. (center marshmallow)
Absolutely everything about Valentine's Day is wonderful and absolutely nothing can beat a love letter..
 Pure sweetness.
Happy Valentine's Day, Karen


  1. oh my! i LOVE these LOVE letters!!! i LOVE the colors and the itty bitty writing and the sweetness and well, i like them too :>D heehee

    1. Yippee Lisa! I LOVE that you LOVE these LOVE letters! ;)

  2. Such sweet little love letters. When I was a kid, my sister and I kept small mailboxes in our bedroom and we'd give each other little notes all the time. It would have been so fun to fill the mailboxes with your marshmallow letters.

    1. That is so neat Beth! My Mom was a letter carrier so why didn't we think of that?! Happy Valentine's Day. :o

  3. How CUTE!! I love marshmallows and these are the cutest I have ever seen! Pinning NOW!! ;)

  4. I am soooo behind in blogging! I absolutely adore these love letter marshmallows! They are the sweetest!

    1. Thank you Sue! I loved how these turned out..and oh so easy! :)