Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Singing Reindeer Cookies!

Singing Reindeer?

I knew as soon as I saw the paper reindeer, that these had to happen. How much fun is my sweet version of the aforementioned crooning cuties?!

As a child in our church choir, Christmas caroling was such a fun part of my childhood!

I don't know what Rudi is singing, but he's put his whole heart into it! Maybe Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer? *wink*
I bought this decorating kit and used the antlers and jelly beans.
I also used:
black sparkle gel
black and red fondant
Nutter Butter cookies
candy coated sunflower seeds
red candy sprinkles (you could also use mini M&Ms)
light cocoa candy melts
small round cookie cutter (23mm)
I used the one from this set.
To make the oval shape for the reindeer mouth, I simply squeezed the smallest cookie cutter (23 mm) in my set at both ends till it was the shape I wanted.
I made the tangled Christmas lights with the antlers as the first piece since the gel takes a while to dry. I was just too lazy to make my own royal icing! I let my antlers dry overnight.
 The squeeze bottle makes this step super easy.
Just pipe the gel onto antlers and place the sesame seed lights. 
IIII love it!
To make the songbook, roll out fondant and use a knife to cut a 1 inch by 1 1/4 inch fondant piece.
I shaped the songbooks by laying them on the corner edge of the decorator kit box. Let sit till stiffened.
 To make the reindeer mouth, roll out black fondant, press the cutter through and gently press candy piece out.
Melt cocoa melts using package directions, or melt over low heat on stovetop. Dip cookies in chocolate. Use a fork to lift cookie out and gently tap off excess chocolate. Let set on parchment lined baking sheet to dry.

Can you believe this is my first time dipping Nutter Butters in chocolate?!

Well, it was super duper quick going, but oh my..I wanted to eat every single one of them!
 Well, now we have all our reindeer parts ready to assemble!

Simply attach all pieces to the cookies with melted chocolate. I like to use a food-safe paintbrush.
My little caroler is ready for his big mouth, red nose and jelly bean hoofs!

Oops! I forgot to get a photo of cutting the jelly beans in half, lengthwise for the hands/hoofs!
 If you have some food color markers, you could write Noel, etc. on the songbook.

I just do not have a steady hand and didn't want to chance it!

'Scuse my mess..crafting in session!
So now, your reindeer are ready for their big singing debut!

And on that note, I'll sing goodnight! 
This Christmas season, I wish you Joy!

Have a sweet day, Karen


  1. i'll sing this loud and clear: i LOOOOOVE these Karen!!! so clever! :>D

    1. And I'll sing it right back to you..THANK YOU, Lisa!!! :o)

  2. I cannot even stand the cuteness of these!!!!! I LOVE them!!!! Great job!

  3. Squeal! What a clever idea. These singing reindeer are so darn cute that my cheeks hurt from smiling. I love how you used the sunflower seeds as Christmas lights. :)

    1. Squealing back!! Thank you Beth!! And thanks for pinning! :o)

  4. Only you would create singing reindeer cookies, because of course they are singing, it's Christmas!! Super cute idea!

  5. Fa la la la la!! Thank you Kim!! 😄