Friday, November 11, 2016

Twix Candy Turkeys

As Thanksgiving sneaks up on me this year, I'm feeling incredibly grateful, thankful and all around blessed!

The same precious grandson that is still healing from his fourth surgery in as many years, has also been called to preach. I love his precious self and his willing heart for God.

Just a few more things I'm thankful for in anticipation of one of my favorite family filled holidays, with a few lines from a beloved song---->

"There's a roof up above me,
I've a good place to sleep,
There's food on my table,
And shoes on my feet,
You gave me your love Lord,
And a fine family,
Thank You Lord, 
For your blessings on me."

I'm also thankful that I get to have fun here @ Sugartown Sweets while you follow along with me!

I Love You All!!

Y'all wanna make a flock of turkeys with me?
So, my hunky hubby brings home this huge bag of fun size Twix. They are a favorite with the grandkids..aaand, since there were so many leftover, what better way to use them than to make turkeys with, am I right?!

Using icing leaves decorations, Airheads, candy eyes, and orange triangle sprinkles along with the Twix candy bars and chocolate chips, we can easily make these fun candy turkeys!
Y'all know that odd little turkey snood thingy?
Well it grosses me out! But not today, 'cause we're using cherry Airheads to make ours. Gobble, gobble!

Just snip off a piece of the candy and roll it between two fingers to form into a teardrop shape.
The chocolate chips are for melting and using as the "glue" to attach all our sweet turkey parts to our turkey body. Hmm..did that sound weird?
 Use a food safe paintbrush to generously add melted chocolate to the top back side of candy bar.  
Flip candy bar over and attach icing leaves. I rested the whole thing on a fork handle until the chocolate completely hardened.

I then attached the remaining candy pieces using the paintbrush and melted chocolate.

Ohh..I'm so cute, and tasty too!
Hey, can somebody pass the gravy please!

I thank you all for waddling over to Sugartown Sweets today
and I wish you a very blessed, sweet & 
Happy Thanksgiving, Karen  :o)


  1. What a great idea for using up your leftover Halloween candy. Your turkeys are so cute!

    1. Thank you, Beth! The kiddos have already gobbled them up! :o)