Thursday, January 26, 2012

Hearts In Bloom Brownie Bites!

Hearts In Bloom Brownie Bites!
How fun are these? :o)
Valentine's Day is a little over two weeks away..
and i'm loving all the sweet little heart treats everywhere.'s my contribution. 
I couldn't wait to make these today...
Here's what you need to get started
if you'd like to make them too!
Fondant & Mini-heart cookie cutter.
I used Wilton rose icing color.
Just mix a nice little glob into the fondant with a toothpick and knead it until it's a nice smooth color.

 YUM-O! I love Trader Joe's Ready-to-bake brownies.
I've made tons of brownies over the years..homemade and mixes, this is my current favorite. They are dense, cakey, fudgy..mmmmm :o)
I stirred 1/2 cup semi-sweet chocolate morsels 
right into the bag. Super simple!
I baked these mini-cupcakes for 18 minutes@ 350.
 My 4 inch lollipop sticks seemed a bit too tall
for these mini-cupcakes. I trimmed 3/4 inch off each one.
  I should have measured the thickness of the fondant..i didn' here's a photo..
  Gently insert stick into the fondant lollipop.
Do not insert the end that you's not smooth enough
and will make the fondant a bit lop-sided. 
Let these set up for about an hour.
.....little heart lollies :o)
 I used a bag of Wilton's green candy melts.
This candy cup mold wasn't quite right.... I used regular cupcake liners.
 These worked just fine.
Chill the finished cups for about 10 minutes.
Gently peel off the paper liner.
 Now we can paint our fondant.
Again, I used the rose color.
I dabbed a bit on a plate and mixed in a couple of drops
of water as I needed.
I just used a Wilton paint brush.
 Just imagine you see a picture of the sprinkles....
sprinkling onto the freshly painted lollies...
because i forgot to get any shots of those!
 I used a can of Pillsbury chocolate frosting.
Just a swirl and a few mini heart sprinkles.
 I dabbed a bit of frosting on the bottom 
of the cupcake so it will adhere
to the "grass' cup.
 Now just place into the "grass cup".
 Tie a pretty little ribbon onto your lollipop stick.
Press into the cupcake and you are done!
 these colors!!.
 Sweet :o)
 These little nonpareils are so cute! 
 Just a couple more shots..
 Red sugar sprinkles..
 Sweet and Happy Baking
Sugartown Sweets!

Thank you so much for stopping
by my blog today!
I love your comments.. let me know what you think about this post :o)


  1. These are the most awesome goodie yet!! I love them! I'm pinning to Pinterest now ;-)

    p.s. Um, I'm really wanting one of these right about now!

    1. Thank you baby sister! I fell asleep dreaming these up last night!

  2. Karen you dream good dreams, they are ABSOLUTELY BEAUTIFUL wished I liked brownies,wonder what you will DREAM up next?? LOL!!!!