Thursday, November 1, 2012

Chocolate Covered Peanut Butter Mallow Cookie Cups

 Chocolate Covered Peanut Butter Mallow Cookie Cups and more...
These are so sweet and tasty! Some with Nutter Butter cookie bites & peanut butter mallow filling, some with just the mallow & the rest with only the cookie bites covered in chocolate. 
These were my FAVORITE!
 You really can't go wrong with these either. :o)
 Chocolate covered cookies baby!
Yummy stuff you need to make these..Jet Puffed marshmallow creme, Peter Pan peanut butter, Nutter Butter cookie bites, vanilla, butter and dipping chocolate.
Melt marshmallow creme & peanut butter. Stir in vanilla and melted butter mixing well.
Chill to set, then..
Spoon the mallow mixture into the chocolate cups and cover with more melted chocolate. Refrigerate to set. Turn mold over to gently pop out the finished candies.
Chocolate Covered Peanut Butter Mallow Cookie Cups
12 ounces dipping chocolate ~I used Ghirardelli Double Chocolate
(you could also use almond bark)
Nutter Butter Cookie Bites
1 7oz. tub Jet Puffed marshmallow creme
1/2 cup crunchy (or creamy) peanut butter ~My fave is Peter Pan!
1 teaspoon vanilla
1/2 tablespoon melted butter
Melt chocolate and coat bottom & sides of the candy cup molds. I use a paintbrush dedicated for just this purpose. I have the regular and mini sized candy cup molds. If you don't, just use cupcake liners. Place coated molds in frig to set chocolate. Meanwhile, prepare the marshmallow filling. Melt peanut butter and marshmallow creme over low heat. Stir in vanilla and butter mixing well. Now you're ready to assemble the candy cups. Working in layers, place a cookie bite into the chocolate cup. Add the mallow mixture, and last, the melted chocolate on top to cover the whole thing.Place in frig to set. Once set, turn mold over and gently pop out the finished candies! I made some of the candy cups with only the mallow as well as a few with only the cookie bites. Recipe yields 12 mini cookie bites, 12 mini mallow cookie bites and 6 reg. size mallow cookie cups with just a bite of mallow left for "tasting"!
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  1. OMG OMG they're divine!!!

  2. They look AmaZinG...of course all of your goodies look amazing!! :) Stephanie

  3. I am new to your blog, and after seeing these amazing 'bites'...I am in love, with chocolate peanut butter mallow bites. You really do some cool stuff....I'm following you.

    1. Thank you so much! Welcome to Sugartown Sweets. :)