Thursday, November 8, 2012

Las Vegas Sweets, Hoover Dam & The Valley of Fire!

My sweet hubby and I were in Las Vegas last week for the AAPEX Expo. He had talked about us going for years..and this year, we did! I was excited for the following reasons. The first, being that we would get to see the Bellagio Fountains. They did not disappoint. Next would be the Venetian Resort. Built several years ago, it is an all-suite resort with the smallest suite being 650 square feet. This is the room we booked. It truly was beautiful with a view of the city lights. The resort itself is huge. There are frescoes throughout with an indoor/outdoor canal for gondola rides. It wasn't until day three that we discovered the Piazza San Marco. Lovely, with restaurants, a gelato stand and nightly musical performances. Ok..moving on. M&Ms World was next on my list with four floors of chocolaty goodness! And finally, Hoover Dam..whoo hoo! It was the highlight of our trip. I wanted to do the in-depth tour as this would allow us to actually be IN the dam. Hope you enjoy my photos.
One of the many shops located inside the Venetian, "IT'S SUGAR was awesome with their larger than life boxes of candy. Equally awesome was this Jelly Belly sign..
..and with a closer look, don't you agree?!
 Imagine a cookie filled with one of these huge Reese's candy cups.
 And check out this Snickers bar, billed as the world's largest!
Here we are at the enchanting and amazing Bellagio Fountains. 
We were standing at the rails watching the show when I wondered aloud how beautiful the view must be from the Eiffel Tower. Well, my hunky hubby said, "let's go"! Twenty minutes later, we had a window table. Our view was the top right corner of the above photo. The ambience and food were wonderful with service to match. And, while I very much enjoyed the fountains from way up high in the sky, the best way to experience them is right up front at the rails. You can hear the water and music as well as feel the slight cool breeze coming off the water sprays. You simply should not miss this!
Two words: Oh My!!
I look happy..'cause I am. :o)
Awesome stuff! Our tour guide told us to stick our cameras through the louvers and angle the camera up. He said he's never had anyone drop their camera yet. It's my number one favorite shot. You can see the Hoover Dam Bypass Bridge here as well. Of course we had to drive over it. 
Emergency stairs..whew!
My hubby took this great photo from the Arizona side.
Leaving Hoover Dam, we made our way up to the "Valley of Fire State Park". As this was our first trip out west, it was pretty strange to see this type of terrain we've only seen on television. I really enjoyed the scenery, although maybe a bit tired from the week of walking miles on the convention floors to get out of the car for too many photos. Still, we managed to get a few.
There are four M&M's World stores. I have visited three. One more to go..LONDON!
Passing by the kiosk, G.G. Santi-Venezia, located inside the Venetian, I snapped quite a few cupcake photographs. But, I ate only one! The cupcake on the right is the one I purchased. As you can see, it doesn't quite look like the one on display. But I can happily report to you that it was yummy! The frosting was especially good with a fudge-like taste and texture.
So..this is not classified as a sweet. But, oh how delicious it was!
Serendipty 3 in NYC is still my sentimental favorite, although you'll not find me complaining over this cheeseburger lunch. The nachos appetizer was pretty good too. ;o)
Very intriguing, this Mirror Man..
Here it is..the granddaddy of all desserts! Serendipity 3's NYC version is both mine and my hubby's all-time favorite. This one was pretty good, but it did not measure up in terms of presentation or taste. That said, the extra side of hot fudge did help. ;o)
With the addition of a few more bakeries and sugar shops, our trip ends on a sweet note with a flight back home to Atlanta..I LOVE to fly! 
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  1. What great photos - reminds me of my trip there! I just love all the sweets and would go back for the food alone!

    1. Thank you! We did have some amazing food. :)

  2. Wow. These photos are beautiful. I MISS AMERICA!! :)