Friday, October 11, 2013

Jack-o'-Lantern Cookies!

It's pumpkin season! Time to carve those Jack-0'-Lanterns!
I've seen some really cute ones already! Every year at our town square, the local school children decorate theirs and place them in "Pumpkin Patches" around the court house. I've been taking my grandbabies to see them for several years now..only a couple more weeks to go. Back in the day, my own children used to carve the pumpkins and then we would roast the seeds..ahh..those were the days.
Click here to see my Pumpkin Patch Lollipops!

For the recipe I used, click here.

Well..before you bake them, crush and fill with lemon Jolly Ranchers.

Now bake them @ 375 degrees for 7-9 minutes. Remove from oven and cool cookies before decorating.
I use Wilton ready made fondant. 
I used silver and ended up going with the blue. You might like the silver better..?

Attach candy eyes and mask strings with corn syrup.

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  1. Loving that luster dust! It never even occurred to me to use my food pens to color eyeballs. Brilliant.

    1. Thank you Katie! I saw some green colored eyes at Beth @ Hungry Happenings used lots of colors on hers. I like it really makes them POP! :o)