Friday, January 24, 2014

3D Snowman Cookies

 3D Snowman Cookies
I made them for our 2014 Polar Vortex Party. We are having a party..right? Tomorrow's low will be 8 degrees in my brother's neck of the woods. 9 degrees for my sister. Break out the flip flops 'cause it will be a nice balmy 24 degrees for us here in the morning. Perfect timing for my sweet little snowman!
If you like snowman here to see the ones I made a while back!
Begin with your favorite cut out cookie dough recipe, or you can find mine by clicking here. 
Just scroll to the end of the post.
 I used these cutters for my snowmen and shoes.
Roll out dough, cut and place cookies on parchment paper lined baking sheet.
Chill pan of cookies in frig for 15 minutes. Gently insert pretzel sticks.
 Chill base cookies for 15 minutes as well. If using my recipe, bake at 375 degrees for 7-9 minutes. 
Let cookies cool.
 Ingredients and tools needed to decorate snowmen:
white fondant
pink fondant
orange Airheads candy
black sugar pearls
pretzel sticks
snowflake sprinkles
sprinkles for buttons
corn syrup and paintbrush
canned frosting
10 x sugar
sharp knife 
fondant roller
cookie cutters
parchment paper
Draw on some easy eyes with food writer pen. Press in the sugar pearls mouth. 
If they won't stick just dab on a little corn syrup.
My new favorite way to make a snowman nose. Easy Airheads candy nose. I'm so thrifty!
I may have eaten a few of these..sorry Frosty..
These sweet little shoe bottoms were so easy to make using my Wilton mini egg cookie cutter. 
You can find the Easter set here.
Pretty in Pink winter scarf. Attach all fondant pieces to cookies using corn syrup.
You can never have too much sparkle.. I right?
I used canned frosting and added 10 x sugar to stiffen it up. This helped the cookies to stand upright on the base. I also sprinkled coconut on the frosting for easy and pretty snow.
These adorable little snowflakes and flower sprinkles just upped the cute factor on little Frosty~ette.. Love!
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  1. Oh my word. Love these!! That luster dust. <3 Great tutorial too. I've missed checking out your fun treats!