Tuesday, June 24, 2014

"Babies Are a Bit of Stardust..." Cookies

It seems like everyone is going to the beach.

They are either at the beach, going to the beach or coming back from the beach. A #1 Awesome Hunky Hubby and I ourselves have just recently returned home from a weekend cruise.

So why aren't I making any cute beachy treats? I want to..and I will get to it soon. But for now it's another baby treat.

Little Miss Lydia will be here before we know it.
She is just what I had in mind when I found this sweet little stamp at Michaels.

I love the idea of stamping on cookies. I found a great tutorial for achieving this over at Haniela's. I loved her cookies so much I bought that same stamp to make Valentine cookies! She used royal icing but I am using fondant.

Begin by baking cookies using your favorite cut-out cookie recipe. I used this one.

Since I didn't have a cookie cutter to match the size of my stamp, I improvised by laying my stamp atop my cookie dough and cutting around it. Use this method to cut the rolled fondant as well.
These are the ingredients and tools you'll need. I also used a couple different sizes of paintbrushes.

*All tools should be washed and clean and only have been used with food*
Let the fun begin!
I mixed a little food color with lemon extract to make my "ink" to paint my rubber stamp. 
Smush the brush a bit to get the extra liquid out before stamping.
I tried using a Food Writer to color my stamp, but the ink was drying too fast for me.
 I would try it again by using different food color pens.
Try a couple of test stamps before stamping on sugar sheet.
How to assemble cookies. (after stamping, cut out and carefully peel protective backing off sugar sheet)
The make the stars sparkle and pop just paint on a dab of corn syrup and sprinkle on the colored sugar. Make sure the ink is completely dry as you will need to use a dry brush to remove any stray pieces of sugar.
Adding the border..
I love the dreamy feel the pink luster frame added to this sweet cookie!
Counting down the days to Miss Lydia's arrival..31 days!

Praying You All Have a Blessed Day!

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  1. Such a sweet saying and it's perfect for on a cookie.

    1. I agree! It totally matches what my heart is feeling!

  2. Too pretty to eat, but I could probably manage-lol!