Friday, January 30, 2015

Football Field Lollipops

 Are you ready for some football..lollipops?

Hubby and I have our own Super Bowl tradition. Since it's always on a Sunday, we are at church for the first half. I tape it so that we don't miss any of the good plays, plus we have time to pick up a pizza or wings and of course snacks.

There is just one small obstacle to overcome in my plan. 
Or should I say say several? Smart phones!
You've heard of them..everybody has one..I have one.
But on this particular day, if I see you with one, I'm running the other way!

I've had Braves scores given away before I got the chance to get home and see the game for myself. I love my Braves baseball. And just for this one day, I love football too. So please, if you see me coming and you know the score..don't tell me. But if it does happen, all is not lost. At least I still have my game day goodies! 

Today I made sweet little football field lollipops.

Enjoy the game everyone and may your team win!
Airheads (white), green Jolly Ranchers, chocolate covered almonds, canned white icing and lollipop sticks.
 I am a seriously terrible piper, so instead of worrying about a piping catastrophe, I ended up using fondant and a mold to make my numbers. Click here to see the mold I used. Just dust the mold with powdered sugar and press in a rolled rope of fondant. I froze mine for a few minutes, used a small metal spatula to scrape off the excess and easily popped the numbers out!
 I'm using Airheads white mystery flavor to make my football field lines.
I just rolled it slightly with my fondant roller and used a sharp knife dusted with powdered sugar to cut them.
 Piping skills are nearly non-existent. #thestruggleisreal
 Preheat oven to 275 degrees. You will bake candies for about 7 minutes. 
Just keep an eye on them so they don't over melt.
Place the unwrapped Jolly Ranchers candies on a parchment lined pan. Place in preheated oven. When melted, remove from oven and gently twist in lollipop stick. Let cool completely on pan.
I attached the fondant and Airheads by lightly brushing water on the back of the candy. They will stick easily. I used just a dab of corn syrup on the lollipop to attach the "football".

Wishing You All A Blessed Day
Sugartown Sweets.

Thank You For Stopping By.
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  1. I promise I wont tell you the score, mostly because I wont know it:) Your lollipops are amazing. I love how all the pieces came together to create such a cool Super Bowl treat.

    1. Haha..enjoy your Super Bowl-free Sunday!. And thank you Beth!

  2. oh gosh i'm sooo behind on my blog reading! anyway, these are super cool! and look yummy too. boo hiss on piping too! #dittoonthestruggleisreal LOL :)

  3. Such an original and cute treat; I love it!

    1. Thank you Sue! My little grandson Isaac really enjoyed this green apple lollipop. :o)