Monday, February 2, 2015

Airheads Love Bites!

Airheads Bites!

I heart them!

Last year, I made a couple of crafts for Airheads. So, late last year I asked them if they would send me some for new creations. Well, they did. Fourteen pounds worth of candy awesomeness!
Click here and here to see what I made for them last year.

I've had these on my blogetty~blog sketch pad since last fall.
I hope you heart them too!
What a find at Michael's craft store! 
$1.99 for a package of four small treat boxes.
 Just what I needed for my Love Bites.
Love Bites..but it's all good.
 You will need these candies and supplies pictured as well as corn syrup and a paintbrush (to attach hearts to the candies).
 I like the Wilton candy decorating pens as they have a nice long point to write with.
Sweet messages.
To attach hearts to candy, dab a bit of corn syrup to the backs and place on the Airheads bites.
 Sweet Bites!
 This box reads from top to bottom. 
Kiss me! and I kiss you!
 I love you Q T!
 I found a pack of kissy lips in my decorating candy stash. 
This sassy box of candy is for my hunky hubby!
Happy Valentine's Day
Sugartown Sweets!

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Airheads supplied the candy for this post but all opinions stated are my own.


  1. i saw those boxes at michael's and wasn't sure what to do with them-your idea is super fun and colorful! :>D

  2. This is simply a sweeeet idea! The boxes were the perfect choice for the cute candies!

    1. Many thanks Brenda! I think I may have to stock up on these for next Valentine's Day!

  3. Okay, these are just about THE CUTEST little (Valentine's Day) treats EVER! Time to pin!

    1. Oh my goodness..thank you Sue! And thanks for pinning! :o)