Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Peeps and Donut Bunnies

 Sweet & Easy Bunny Donuts!

Can y'all tell I'm over winter?
Spring is just around the corner, and even though I may be rushing it a bit..I offer no apologies! ;o)

I mean..just look at these familiar, beloved and welcome friends of Spring! Who's with me?

Hello Peeps!
 Opening a fresh bag of powdered donuts is total and complete torture if you happen to be on a diet..just sayin'.
 I was in Wal-mart a few days ago when I happened upon the "Bunny Bun". An adorable little Scunci hair product for girls. I went straight to the "sugar section" of the store looking for edible items with which to re-create it into an adorable little treat.

Here's what I came up with.
Tools you will need.
 Oh dear! I'm so sorry my little pink peep-ster!

To cut the pieces, you will need 2 circle cutters. One 1/2 inch diameter and one 2 inch diameter. I used the largest and smallest cutter from my fondant cutter set.

Lightly spray cutters with non-stick cooking spray.
Cut as shown in photo below.
 You now have the bunny ears for your donut.
Cut the small circle in half. You will use this as the bunny's nose.
 Melt 5 or 6 of the candy melts in a microwave safe cup for 30 seconds. Stir and melt for another 30 seconds.

I used the flat side of a metal spatula to scrape a bit of the powdered sugar from the topside of the donut. This would be where I placed my bunny ears. Attach by applying the melted candy to the ears and gently pressing onto the donut till set.
 Pour a small dollop of melted candy into the center of the donut.
 Attach nose and gently press the jimmies (whiskers) just under the nose into the melted candy. 
 Press sugar pearls (eyes) into the donut.
Spring Wishes From
Sugartown Sweets!

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  1. You are surely blessed with such a creative mind and the hands to create with!!! So cute!!

  2. I love that you were inspired by a hair product to make these adorable treats. I totally understand how challenging it is to open a bag of anything sweet while trying to diet. I am totally failing in that department.

    1. Thank you Beth! And try as I might..I have to have at least one bite! ;)

  3. heehee! these bunny donuts are my kinda fun silly treat! i mean where else can a belly turned into a nose look half as cute as yours?! :>D

    1. Haha..Thank you Lisa, that's funny! I didn't even think of that! Belly button nose!

  4. Lots of donut bunnies on the internet, but yours are SO different with the Peep ears and nose, not to mention the dollop of white chocolate in the belly button. Whoo-hoo. What a delicious surprise that will be for the "unsuspecting" recipient. :)

    Interesting fact just learned from either The Today Show or Good Morning America (can't remember) : The word donut is ACTUALLY spelled doughnut. Who knew? Dunkin Donut is the one who started spelling it donut and WE like it spelled that way! Hope Mr. Webster is reading this post.

    Thanks for the adorable bunny with chocolate in his tummy!

    Tavette - S. Fla.

    1. Thank you Tavette! You are so right on that spelling thingy. When I was really little, we had an awesome doughnut shop in my hometown..Mr. Donut. Oh my goodness..When my Mama and Daddy made that right turn to go down that small hill, we could barely contain our excitement! My favorite today is the sublime "Sublime Doughnuts" shop in downtown Atlanta. Whew..after all that, now I'm hankering for one of their Orange Dreams! ;)