Friday, May 8, 2015

Mother's Day Sweets From the Archives

 Happy Mother's Day to all the Mom's out there!

If you are a Mom, want to be a Mom or are a Mom to be..I wish you a blessed Mother's Day.

God has surely blessed me with some amazing and wonderful Moms in my life. My own Mother, Grandmothers, Daughter and Granddaughters..just to name a few!

I am sharing with you some of the sweets I've made to celebrate this sweet day!
These super easy Mother's Day Marshmallow Roses are perfect for a last minute fun gift for Mom. Just click on the link for the how-tos.
One of my favorite edible crafts to date!
A sweet candy tray to make for this special day.
To DIY, click here for instructions.
These sweet cookie pops are fun for the kids to make!

My grandbabies loved making them for their special Mom.
Just click here to see how they're done. 
These Brown Rim cookies are my own Mom's sentimental favorite. Click here for the recipe.

Wishing You All a Happy Mother's Day From
Sugartown Sweets!


  1. OoooOo how cute and yummy are these?! can't decide which one i like best so i'll have to make them all! happy mom's day Karen! have a sweet day :)