Friday, February 10, 2017

Peeps Flower Pops

Hmmm..what to get my Mom for her (day before) Valentine's birthday.
Candy or flowers..or both!!

Yes! Here's a crazy easy and cute as can be Valentine's Peeps treat. 

Peeps Strawberry marshmallow hearts with Mike and Ike candies makes for a sweet flower pop to give to your special Valentine.

I think my Mom is gonna 💓 these!
You will need several..oh no, wait, just three items to make your flower pops. Peeps hearts, Mike and Ike candies and lollipops sticks.

Well, one more. You will also need a sharp knife.
Insert the lollipop stick into the heart.

Cut the green candy in half.

Press the sticky cut edges onto the lollipop stick.

You're done!

Now let us all celebrate this sweet holiday with those we love most and watch our love grow!

Happy Valentine's Day!

Sweet thoughts, Karen 💗


  1. oh your mom's so lucky to have you as a daughter! i know i'd love it if my kids made these for me. happy heart day Karen and happy birthday to your mom :)

  2. This looks like a pretty sweet treat for your mom!