Friday, December 2, 2011

Hot Chocolate on a Spoon!

 My very favorite time of year is HERE!! 
My husband and I were in Gatlinburg over Thanksgiving weekend. I saw something cute in a store and decided to try it at home...only I wanted to "up the cute factor"! 
Dipping chocolate, mini marshmallows, festive colored plastic spoons and food writer pens is all you need.
I got mine @ a cake decorating shop, but Walmart sells "Betty Crocker Easy Writers".


 Just get a big ol' dip of chocolate..
hold the spoon level like this for several seconds. This lets the chocolate set up a bit..then you can place your marshmallows on top.
This is how I saw it in the store. (Nancy's Candy Co.) was the name on the tag. I thought they were so cute. But I thought, this can be so much cuter! 
 That's when I broke out my "food writer pens"!
Food Writers equals instant cuteness :o)
Just place your finished spoons on a wax paper lined cookie sheet .
I love it! 

There are so many possibilities. You could use any Christmas themed marshmallows. I think the gingerbread men are adorable.
But today, I only have the mini marshes.
Tie these up with ribbon in a cello bag and you have an easy, quick & sweet gift on hand as you need them!
Look at these sweet little guys :o)
All you need is a mug of hot just stir with your spoon till it melts down into wonderfulness!
Merry Christmas and Happy Baking from
Sugartown Sweets!


  1. Karen I am so proud to call you my sister and you are soo talented too--lov you!!

  2. Yummy....just got a GREAT gift idea for my staff....THANKS!

  3. My name is Karen and I'm a born again Christian too! Praise son accepted Jesus into his life today!
    on another note...I was to make these yummy it that simple? How hot does the milk need to be for it to melt?

    1. Hi Karen, that's Wonderful news!! Just heat the milk on low, testing to make sure it's not too hot to drink. They are so easy! Thanks for stopping by. :)

  4. Hi is it just normal chocolate? I live in UK

    1. Hi from the USA! My husband and I visited London this past summer.. we loved it. would love to make a return visit to the UK. As for the chocolate, yes it is just the everyday variety. Any sweetened chocolate would work.

  5. Do you put this in got water to make hot chocolate or just eat it off the spoon

    1. Hi Brooke! Just pop a cup of milk in the microwave to heat and stir in the chocolate spoon. Have a great day. :o)

  6. Do you eat these or mix it with water to make actual hot coco