Wednesday, December 31, 2014

New Year's Eve 2015 Fondant Cake Toppers

Happy New Year's Eve!

Tonite my family will ring in the new year beginning with a service at our church followed by a snack fest and ball drop at my daughter's house!

Next time we talk it will be 2015!

Wishing you all a very blessed new year.
 I absolutely love my Ateco numbers cutters..until I noticed the #5.
It's quite bad actually. It's pretty much the #2 flipped! I have not used the cutter till today and I hope I can find an alternative before I need to use it again.
 Pearl dust..'cause we can never have too much sparkle!
 A simple fondant topper. You can make it even simpler by not using the pearl dust. 
They'll still be colorful and quite festive.
Click here to see the candy covered toppers I made a couple of years ago.
I also used Skittles and M&Ms for the "lights", 
colored fondants, lemon extract to make the pearl dust "paint", a small paintbrush, and lollipop sticks.
Roll out fondant, cut with cookie cutter and insert lollipop stick.
Mix a small amount of lemon extract with pearl dust. Mix with paintbrush and apply to finished topper.  
We're done!

Thanks for hanging with Sugartown Sweets in 2014.
Here's to a fun and creative 2015.

Now go ring in the new year with good family and friends!
Comments are cause for Celebration!

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