Saturday, December 20, 2014

Snowman Cookies!

It's snowing in Georgia!!
Well..maybe it's only snowing in my Snowman Cookies..hehe!
 We have been crafting over @ Grandma's house..that would be my house and yes I'm the Grandma!

We made snowflakes, hand print ornaments, foot print ornaments, baby Jesus in the manger crafts..etc. 
Thank you Pinterest!

It took a little longer and was a little messier this year as our family has been blessed with grandbaby #5.
She is beyond adorable and precious (of course), and after four and a half short months, we can not imagine life without her.

The tiny little cookie you see in the middle, I made just for our sweet little princess.
 Aren't they just the sweetest!
They certainly aren't the most perfect!

I have a confession. I can not pipe!
I seriously can not even pipe a straight line.
You can easily see how I had to scrape off the royal icing only to try, try again.

The good news is, they don't have to be perfect. Plus, I only used RI for my background. Sprinkles, fondant and candy easily cute these little cookies right on up.
And that..makes me Merry!
I decided to try Georganne's chocolate cut-out cookies recipe.
Yum! It was really hard not to eat all the cookie dough while I baked these babies up!

I used 4 1/2 x 3 inch cookie cutter from my Ateco rectangular cookie set for the large cookie and the 1 3/4 x 1 inch for the mini cookie.
 I mixed sky blue with a little electric blue for my royal icing.

I piped the outlines with full strength RI while adding water a few drops at a time to make 10 second RI to flood the cookies. 

Click here and scroll to the end of post for my Royal Icing recipe.
I used white, black and red fondant to make my snowmen.

 I used my snowman cookie cutter to cut out just the section I wanted on each cookie.

I also used it to cut out a black fondant hat.

I then turned the cutter upside down to cut a slight curve in the hat and top of snowman. I then fit these two pieces together.

I cut out a simple red fondant scarf and an orange Airheads nose.

I attached the fondant snowmen to the cookies as well as the sprinkles with corn syrup.
 So easy for a piping challenged cookie decorator!

I think these turned out pretty cute. 
I can always tell if I'm right when the grandbabies ooh and ahh over it!
 Do you wanna eat a snowman!?
 Merry Christmas To You & Your Families
Sugartown Sweets!

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  1. Piping is hard! I'm with you on that. You did a great job with these adorable cookies. I'm sure the grandkids loved them and their day spent with you.

    1. Thank you Beth! We sure did have a great time. Every time I think I want to try piping again, it didn't take me long to say..what was I thinking. Haha! :-)

  2. LOL you and i are on the same path as far as piping goes-my straight lines look like snakes having a seizure (nursey joke i guess HA!) besides, i'd much rather play with fondant that royal icing any day and these adorable snowmen cookies prove that point! :)

    1. Haha..thank you Lisa! Honestly, I am just in awe of the good pipers! Fondant is my friend. ;o)