Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Pumpkin Patch Marshmallows

And so we bid summer farewell.

Fall has always been my favorite season, but i'm still always sad to see my warm summer/seashore season fade away.

Maybe these sweet little pumpkin patch treats will perk me up. I think they turned out kinda cute. See there? I'm already smiling!

Happy Fall Y'all!
To make your own easy pumpkin patch, you will need:
-S'moreMallows marshmallows
-Oreos (or any chocolate wafer type cookie)
-Dark cocoa and royal blue candy melts
-candy eyes
-star sprinkles
For the "dirt" crumbs, I crushed up some Oreo cookies after scraping off the creamy centers. 

So..I made myself a super yummy six layer stuffed cookie. Woohoo!
Melt blue candy over low heat on stove or follow directions on bag for microwave melting.

Dip top two thirds of marshmallow in blue melts. (I used a lollipop stick in my first one but found it easier to just hold the mallow and dip) 
Lay the mallow on parchment paper and place the pumpkins and stars. Attach the eyes to pumpkins with a lollipop stick (or something similar). Just dab on a tiny amount of melted candy to the backs and place onto the pumpkins. Let set till dry.
Now we can dip the bottom ends of marshmallow into the melted dark cocoa melts and then onto the crushed Oreos.
Insert a stick..or not. I think they're cuter on a stick!
How easy was that?

I think I'm all into Fall now!

So glad you dropped by.

Have a sweet day, Karen   :o)


  1. Squeal! These are so amazingly cute. I love how you added the eyes to the royal icing pumpkins. It totally transformed them into super adorable jack-o-lanterns.

  2. these are adorable Karen! but that 6 layer oreo cookie caught my eye too! lol :)

  3. I am in love with your marshmallow pumpkin patch pops, they're the best kind of pumpkin to find in any patch!

  4. I'm so pumped up for fall after seeing your adorable pumpkin marshmallows!! Soooo cute!! 🎃 Stephanie

    1. Me too Stephie! I'm ready for the Pumpkin Festival! 😊