Saturday, October 14, 2017

Kit Kat Pumpkins

As I'm typing this post, it is 73 degrees here in Georgia. With the promise of cooler weather and making new holiday season memories, I am eager to jump right in! Welcome to Fall, y'all! 

Last weekend was our first "leaf peeper" Saturday of the year and the leaves were already changing. Hubby and I drove up north of the city, drank apple cider, breathed in that fresh mountain air and saw plenty of those beautiful orange pumpkins.

Don't you just love all shapes and sizes of pumpkins? Me too! These babies happened when I dug down in my candy grab bag of goodies and found my favorite Autumn color.

I'm kinda stuck on Kit Kats right now and the fact that these little cuties take mere minutes to put together makes me love them even more!
 To make my candy pumpkins, I used snack sized orange Kit Kats, Tootsie Rolls, green fondant and large candy eyes.

Tools I used: small leaf cutter, fondant roller, small sharp knife, parchment paper.

To begin, I rolled out my green fondant and cut with leaf cutter. (My particular leaf cutter has been discontinued) You can find a similar leaf cutter here.
 I created the pumpkin stem by cutting a Tootsie Roll into 4 pieces as shown in photo below.
Tootsie Roll stems-
Fondant leaves-
Candy eyes-
Kit Kat pumpkins-
Place the leaf towards top center of Kit Kat bar. Gently pinch bottom of stem and press into leaf and candy bar. The Tootsie Roll is naturally tacky and will stick on its own!
 The eyes have it!

Originally I had not planned on adding eyes, but when I came across them and tried out a pair, they were just too cute not to!
*See* what I mean?! 😜 
You can make these with your own little pumpkins as I'm planning on doing next week!

Till next time!

Keeping life sweet, one treat at a time, Karen! 😊


  1. Too cute. Where did you get those eyes with the tiny pupils? They are perfect.

    1. Thank you, Beth! I bought these at Fancy Flours a good while back but they no longer sell them. I just found some at Copper Gifts, but I think they are a little bigger than the ones I used here. Where do you get yours? They are all so cute!

  2. I had NO idea they made orange Halloween Kit Kats! Such a cute idea, love how you turned them into pumpkins!

    1. Thank you, Kim! When we were in Canada, we bought some that were orange flavored but chocolate colored. These are orange colored but vanilla flavored!

  3. oh how fun are these! it's hip to be square or in this case, rectangle 😉! and i had no idea they made orange kit kats too!

  4. These are so cute and clever, Karen! You’ve done it again!