Friday, February 7, 2014

Sweet Valentine's Day Treats From the Archives!

Seven days away from Valentine's Day...
really? 'Cause I may or may not have a few stray pine needles floating around.. left behind from my Christmas tree!

Today I'm making yet another batch of caramels. These are for my adorable granddaughter..her request for her birthday! I also took some to Kentucky last week as we got to visit my awesome big brother. He's still in the ICU..but making small improvements everyday which makes me soooo very happy!

Haven't had much time for creating in the kitchen so today I'm digging deep into the archives..ok, so they only go back a couple of years! Anyhow, here are some Valentine treats I've rounded up for you. 
Hope you heart them!

These elegant little cookies, I made last year. Click here for the how-tos.
 Yum-o! I really hearted these. I mean..maraschino anything! Click here for the how-tos.
 I made these little cuties for my Mom's birthday. I'm pretty sure she loves me more now!  ;)    
Click here to see how I made them.
 And who doesn't love a good M&Ms cookie? Click here for my sweet recipe!
These bloomin' beauties are from my first blogging Valentine's Day..I so wish I could go back, fill the little green cups with red and pink M&Ms and take a new photo! They would have been so much cuter. 
Here's the link to make your own.
So that's it!
Wishing You a Sweet & Safe Valentine's Day
From Sugartown Sweets!
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  1. So pretty and I bet they're delicious too!

    1. Thank you Minnie Kitchen! I may have gained a couple of pounds here..'cause you know, gotta taste test and all!

  2. I love the chocolate covered cherry marshmallows. My marshmallows have been hit or miss...haven't gotten to perfection yet. Still trying! Your hearts are so cute!

    1. Thank you so much! Also, I'm wondering if your thermometer might be the problem. I'm including the link here if you'd like to try calibrating it. And...happy candy making! :)