Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Happy Easter Peeps

Hello, Peeps!

Today we have a no bake, no fuss, no kidding, Peeps treat!

I was in Publix a couple of weeks ago when these beautiful, green, Hostess Sno Balls caught my eye!
They would be so adorable topped with Peeps-and so, I did!

I will tell you the only thing hard about making these was not being able to take a sample bite. And they smelled SO good! You see, I am kinda on a sweets fast. Yep. Day #16 of 60! I can do it!

But, if you're not on a sugar strike, (what was I thinking) lucky you, cause I'm pretty sure you're gonna think these taste amazing!
Pictured, are the items you'll need.

Now, let's make the green frosting for the grass. Just squeeze a few drops of food coloring in the frosting and stir.

Next time, I will use regular frosting instead of the marshmallow. It was a little too stringy for piping grass.
How sweet is this little Peeper?!
Attach candy eyes to the Peeps with tiny dabs of frosting. 
Insert toothpick and press into cupcake.
Pipe grass and place candies.
I think the kids are going to 💙 these!
Just hanging with my Peeps!
That's all folks!
Wishing you all a very Happy Easter!

Making life sweet, Karen 😊