Tuesday, July 28, 2020

Christmas in July Circus Peanuts Reindeer!

 Hmm..what to make on National Milk Chocolate Day when it's also Christmas in July?

Well, how about a reindeer that's been dipped in milk chocolate with chocolate dipped antler pretzels!

I'm a certified circus peanuts NUT!
But I have to say I've never even thought about dipping them in chocolate..'til today!

And I do think these turned out to be quite the Christmas cuties! 
If you wanna make some too, you'll need:
Circus peanuts-chocolate dipped pretzels-candy eyes-m&ms-dipping chocolate-lollipop sticks
 Press lollipop sticks into candy peanuts and cut pretzels in half.
Using a lollipop stick, I made indentions in the top on both sides of the peanuts.
I placed all candy pieces on parchment paper..
 ..dipped the circus peanut in chocolate and placed on the parchment paper.
Attach all candy pieces and let set.

Wishing you all a 
Merry Christmas in July!

'til we sweet again, Karen💗