Monday, October 31, 2022

Easiest & Quickest Way to Wrap Homemade Caramels ~ No Cutting, No Twisting, No Kidding!

11 years ago today, I made my very first post here at Sugartown Sweets!

In my 4017.75 days of making sweet treats for this blog (and in real life), caramels are the candies for which I get the most requests. I've made a LOT and in the process I have learned a few shortcuts along the way. Today, I am going to share them with you.

Just go ahead and thank me now, because caramels are quite literally, a messy business. What with all the greasing of the pans, cutting the caramels and then rinsing (and rinsing again) the knife, cutting all those wax paper squares and having to twist them too, that's all in the past! 


If your family and friends love it when you treat them to homemade caramels like mine do, this little silicone treat mold ( I use two) will be your new favorite kitchen tool. Well, that, and this mini bag sealer and these cello bags. So sit back and relax because your candy making life is about to get a lot easier.😊

There is no prep work needed for the molds. Just make your caramels and pour right in. If you don't have a recipe, let me share a few of my favorites with you.

Peanut Butter Caramels

Plain Caramels

Chocolate Caramels

Apple Cider Caramels


Don't even worry if you get these little drips and drabs between each cup. When you pop the caramels out of the mold, just press the extra to the side of each candy square. I promise no one will complain about having a little extra!😋

I got to where I didn't even want to make my caramels because I dreaded all the cutting, sticky knives, the twisting of the wrappers...
And that was sad since I love making candy! You can imagine my delight at having found this simple solution to my sugar snag.

So, yay! Here comes the fun part!
Place the caramel into the bag and seal with the easy to use handheld sealer.

The sealer only takes a minute to heat up.
Once the candy is in the bag, press the sealer to the open end of the bag. It only takes a quick tap for the sealer to melt the the ends together. It takes about 5-6 taps to run the length of the wrapper.

I do try to place the sealer in the same position each time.

See how pretty and professional this looks?

My plan was to have some stickers made with my new logo, but I ran out of time. Plus all my cute little stickers are in storage until our house is finished.

I hope you all try this simple method for wrapping your candies and cookies too!
Let me know what you think if you do.

For all the holidays coming up, this would work great for making your own treat bags using unwrapped candies in bulk.
I can see M&Ms, Skittles, Reese's Pieces, Gummy Bears, etc. all fixed up for Christmas stockings!

Thank you to every single one of you for being here for this post and if you've read/commented on any of my past posts!
Thank you so very much! 😊

'til we sweet again, Karen 💗