Monday, January 20, 2020

White Chocolate Dipped Snowman Potato Chips

Got Snow?


We don't but we want some! Which is why I decided to build my own snowmen. And since I'm still on a potato chip crafting kick, I created these cool little cuties!
Aww, that smile! He may be too cute to eat! 
To make the snowmen, I used white chocolate melting wafers, candy corn, black sugar pearls, and ruffled chips.
To make the carrot noses, I used the orange candy corn centers. I just rolled the cut piece between my fingers to form the carrot shape. They look so real!
Melt white chocolate, place on parchment paper and decorate with candy pieces. Attach potato chips together to form a snowman. these to your next get-together and watch them melt! The recipients not the snowmen! 

Thanks for stopping by!

'til we sweet again, Karen 💗