Thursday, June 25, 2015

Edible Beach Candle Craft

I'm Back!

It's been a very long 6 weeks!

I'm still recuperating from my foot surgery but a nice little anniversary trip to the Outer Banks surely helped me on my way.

I've had this sweet little beach craft on my sketch pad for a few weeks now and I'm so happy to finally be sharing it with you. 
Hope you're all enjoying your summer and your own relaxing trips to the seashore.
 Can you guess what this fondant covered "candle" is made of?
If you guessed Rice Krispies Treats..then yes!

Make up a batch of these cereal treats. Use a round cookie cutter to cut three circles. Fill and frost the layers as you would a cake. I used ready made canned frosting. 
 To cover candle, roll out fondant. I used a tape measure (not pictured) around my cutter to determine the width of fondant needed to wrap my candle. I used a ruler to measure how tall my candle was to determine the length.

Wrap candle with fondant strip. I realized I needed a slightly larger diameter cutter to cut my candle topper piece as the fondant added to the girth of the candle.

A small lollipop stick inserted into the center of the candle made the opening for the "wick".

Any guesses as to what I used for the wick?
 Did you guess Twizzlers Pull'n'Peels?

Haha..funny story. Could not find these anywhere..and I tried 7 different stores. My sweet hubby ordered them online for me. So..yesterday I saw them at Wal-mart and CVS! 
 You know the drill..just pull'n'peel. 
Snip off a piece of the white candy to insert into the opening atop the candle for the wick.
I am crushing up some graham crackers for my sand.
This was reeely fun and so easy. I wanted to make a few marbled seashells along with some white ones.

I used 1 part light brown fondant to about 3 parts white.
Just fold and twist till you achieve the color you're happy with.
 The Wilton sea life fondant mold is so easy to work with and 'shore' makes lovely and realistic looking seashells! Just press fondant into mold and then pop them out.
The perfect embellishment for my beach themed candle.

 I was a June bride many years ago.

I'm thinking this would make a beautiful table display for a beach themed wedding!
 I think I'm gonna enjoy mine on my table for a couple more weeks..who knows, maybe it will inspire another trip to the beach before summer's end!
Our beautiful spot to enjoy amazing sunsets on Pamlico Sound, Hatteras Island, Outer Banks.
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