Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Marshmallow Baby Rattles!

~Marshmallow Baby Rattles~

While planning my daughter's baby shower, she found some cute, chocolate covered marshmallow baby rattles online. 
*edit*  After much digging, it appears this adorable original idea is from Alexandra @ Apron Strings Baking! Awesome idea Alexandra!

My plan was dip them in candy melts, but as I had quite a few other things in the works, I opted to cover them in sprinkles instead. Still super cute, and just a bit easier.

(sorry for the low light in the photos..i was in a bit of a rush!)

Sugar sprinkles, marshmallows, lollipops sticks and a cup of water. 
That and some pretty ribbon are all you will need to make these sweet baby shower favors.

Just use the sprinkles that will coordinate with your color theme.
Insert stick into large marshmallow. Dip in water and tap off excess. Dip or spoon sprinkles onto marshmallow. Now do the same with the minis on the other end of stick. Lay flat to dry completely and tie on your pretty ribbon. Voila! You have a sweet treat with very minimal time involved. I love it!
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  1. Cute and simpler, I agree!! Few questions... What did you use to wrap them in to give to your guests? How long in advance did you prepare them? Had they hardened if they were prepared in advance?

    1. Thank you Tenikka so much!
      I made these a couple of days in advance.
      This was more than enough time for the sugar to set and be ready to wrap. I wrapped these in cello bag that I purchased at Michaels craft store and used twist ties to close them. Hope you enjoy these!

  2. You dip the marshmallow in water?

    1. Dede, yes. A quick dip and then tap off the excess! :)