Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Firecracker Brownie Bombs!

Firecrackers for the Fourth of July?

Yes! And let's make 'em edible!

How can we possibly make the already yummy Ghirardelli brownie mix even more delish? Stuff 'em with Milky Way bars. Um, yeah!

Before we tuck into our family cookouts, BBQ picnics, baseball games and fireworks, let us remember to give thanks for all the men that were willing to fight for the freedoms we enjoy in this wonderful land of America. This wonderful land that we call Home!
 Cross section of this fabulous firecracker brownie!

Yes, those are chocolate chips AND Milky Ways!
 Make your brownies according to directions on box.
I usually sub buttermilk for the water, but I was out and they were still good!

I also add vanilla. I'm using vanilla powder. 
 Decorations for my brownies include, sprinkles, licorice ropes and dipping chocolate.
Spray brownie pop pan liberally.

I bought two pans as my Ghirardelli mix will make 18 brownies. 
Scoop small amount of batter into prepared pan.

Top with mini Milky Way bars.
Fill each well with additional brownie batter.

I baked my brownies at 325 degrees for 30 minutes.
Make sure to let your brownies cool completely before removing from pan.

I did not and as you can see they were still a bit too soft.
 Dip, drench and cover in melted Ghirardelli chocolate.
I used a lollipop stick to make the indention for the candy "wick" and decorated with sprinkles.

Now let the festivities begin! 
POP goes the Firecrackers!
May you all be Blessed with a wonderful Fourth of July!

Sweet thoughts, Karen 😊