Tuesday, October 31, 2017

"Wood Pallet" Kit Kat Snowmen Craft

Has it been 6 years already?!

Yes, it has!

Creating sweet treats to share with you makes me so happy. Almost as happy as my favorite holiday. Christmas! 

So today, as we celebrate 6 fun years here at Sugartown Sweets, Christmas is my theme!

Have y'all seen those pallet craft thingies? Well recently, while crafting with Kit Kat candy bars, the idea struck me that Kit Kats are perfectly suited to the wood pallet crafts, with the beloved snowman being my favorite. 

There are so many cute ones on Pinterest, and Beth @ Hungry Happenings has created an adorable pretzel snowman craft that reminds me of the wooden snowman crafts.

Hope you're not Kit Kat-ted out, 'cause I've got one more treat up my sugar sleeve before the year's end!

So here's to 6 years @ Sugartown Sweets!

I count myself a very blessed girl that you would stop over for a visit! I love you all! 💗
To make the Kit Kat snowmen, I used:
Regular size, white chocolate and chocolate candy bars, vanilla and chocolate candy melts, candy pumpkins-you could also use candy corn-, black fondant, and Wilton holly and berry sprinkles.

To make six snowmen, you will need six white chocolate and five chocolate Kit Kats. You might want to have some extras on hand to allow for breakage.

*the red fondant was intended for a scarf, but I ran out of room for it!
 I used candy mellowcreme pumpkins to fashion my snowman noses.
So easy. Just cut off a piece and roll between your fingers to shape the carrot nose!
To make the eyes and mouth, I rolled black fondant into a rope and cut off similar size pieces. I then rolled them into little balls.
Ok, so now we're gonna build our "wooden" chocolate snowman. No nails needed! 😜

Go ahead and melt the chocolate candy melts and set aside.

Next, with a long, sharp knife, cut the top off white candy bar at an angle as shown in photo above.

Now, using the white candy bar top as a guide, place it over the top of the chocolate bar and cut on that same angle. This chocolate piece will be the hat.
(For the next snowman hat, use the uncut chocolate end of bar. You will be able to get two hats from each chocolate Kit Kat bar.)

Take the "hat" and dip just the end in melted candy, now attach it to the white candy bar. 

Take a new chocolate Kit Kat candy bar and cut off one of the four sticks. This will be the brim of the hat. Attach this and the Christmas sprinkles with more melted chocolate.

Oh..it's lookin' good!

"Wooden" you love to eat a snowman?! 😋
Now you can melt the vanilla candy melts and attach the eyes, nose and mouth.

Ain't he sweet?!

You may be thinking it's a bit early for Christmas projects. But for me, it's never too early! Plus, as I'm typing out this post over the weekend, we are having a cold blast! Our low today was 37 degrees and with the wind chill, even colder. Whew!

That's what I call snowman weather!

Stay warm and keep sweet, Karen 😊


  1. Happy 6th blog birthday!!! Thanks for the shout out. I love this version of the snowmen. The Kit Kat Bars make the perfect Pallet Snowmen. The candy coal and carrots look great too.

  2. HAPPY 6th Karen!!! these snowmen are genius with the 2 different chocolates together! so keep on kit katting and sugartown sweeting cuz as long as you're creating the longer i'm staying! 😁

  3. I just can’t say enough about your creativity!! Adorable and I just want to eat that snowman!!!