Saturday, January 19, 2019

Purple Palooza Cupcakes aka, Disney, Here We Come Cupcakes!

The Countdown is On!
Zip-a-dee-doo-dah, we're going To Disney World!

I've got four grandbabies that are beyond excited to be heading down to the Sunshine State in a few days! 2018 was a tough year health-wise for our family, and we had to put this trip off way back in September, and so this vacation is made even that much sweeter.

Did you know that Disney has introduced the newest trend in the "Happy Place" and their fans are seeing purple..Potion Purple that is!?

Purple Mickey ears, purple bags, purple tops, purple apples, purple cupcakes, and lots more!

I've already made my WDW bucket list of must-eat treats. Now it looks like we may have to add a few! But you know, I think we can handle it!

In the meantime, these Potion Purple wannabes are going to have to tide us over. But not for long! Orlando, here we come! But first, I share with you, my Purple Palooza cupcakes. I began with a chocolate cake mix-that I doctored up a little-and then topped my cupcakes with a fun homemade sprinkle mix of purple everything!

To make my sprinkle mix, I made a trip to Michael's Craft Store and bought everything purple. I also used purple Sixlets and gold stars.
For the cupcakes, I used a Pillsbury chocolate mix.
I then subbed coffee for water, used 4 eggs instead of three, and added 2 teaspoons vanilla.
Mix and bake according to instructions on box.
The unbaked batter smelled so good...mmmm!
Mmmm..but even better after it was baked! I then colored my icing using Wilton purple gel. The taste was pretty strong because I used too much color. I think I will use the pre-made, color tubes next time. I used a 1M decorator tip to pipe my frosting after cupcakes were fully cooled.
I piped a super simple rosette onto my cupcakes.
It's a purple~icious party!
Oh! These purple beauties! 😋
Because I love ya, and because you just might be a Disney nut like me, I am gonna take plenty of photos of all the purple yummies and share them with you when we return!

Have a super Sweet Day and "See Ya Real Soon, Karen 😊