Saturday, July 27, 2019

Christmas In July Chocolate Gingerbread House Cookies with Rudolph!

 Merry Christmas In July!
It's been a fun month! My daughter, grandmother, granddaughter, sister, and nephew were all born in July! Hallmark has been playing Christmas movies all month. I have been reading the Christmas story of the birth of Christ! My hubby and I have just completed plans for a trip to Disney World in December when everything will be decked out in beautiful Christmas decorations! And I just finished decorating these festive Christmas cookies!

July is nearly through, but not to worry, Christmastime will be here before we know it!🎄
For my cookies, I used Lila Loa's amazing chocolate cookie recipe! They smell of brownies and are so yummy!
Roll out dough and use your favorite house and reindeer cutters. I rolled my dough to 1/4 inch thick, but should have made the reindeer a little thinner. By the time I dipped and added decorations, they got a little too weighty. I had a couple to lose their heads!
Also, don't try-as I did- to bake Rudolph's "sprinkles" noses into the cookies. They will melt. Instead, use mini M&Ms after they bake!
To decorate my cookies I used, jumbo rainbow nonpareils, black sugar pearls, chocolate jimmies, mini M&Ms, Christmas tree sprinkles, chocolate wafers, ready-made vanilla frosting, and yellow and red fondant.
I also used a fondant roller, a flat edged spatula to cut my fondant, a large tip to cut the circle window, and a star and round tip to pipe frosting.
 Let's pipe some snow up on the rooftop!
 Wouldn't it be great if putting Christmas lights on the house were this easy?! 

Cut out round window and door as pictured above.
 Attach candies and decorations using a little melted chocolate.
I rolled out red fondant and cut small strips to use as Rudolph's collar.
I dipped the tips of reindeer feet in chocolate to resemble hooves.
 I then dipped the reindeer antler tips in melted chocolate and sprinkled on some jimmies.  I let set to harden and added black pearl eyes, the collar and "jingle bell" sprinkles!
Fly, Rudy!!
 And lastly, after attaching Rudy to the rooftop with melted chocolate, I propped a couple of spoons under his head until chocolate hardened just to keep him level headed! 🤣

Don't forget to be nice! Wanna make sure we make Santa's Nice List!

Thanks for dropping by!
'til we sweet again, Karen😊