Sunday, August 27, 2017

Chocolate Moose

Yum..Chocolate Moose!

I saw a moose in Cape Breton one day! Actually it was night..but first, let me share a quick "slideshow" of our last year's anniversary trip.

Last summer, my hubby and I took a two week tour of the Canadian Maritimes, and Ogunquit and Bar Harbor, Maine. It was an amazing vacation! It was also an epic road trip as we traveled in excess of 4600 miles!!

The Hopewell Rocks had topped my travel bucket list for ages and they did not disappoint! There's just something about looking up at, and walking among those flowerpot rocks on the ocean floor when you've just seen them surrounded by water..and kayakers!  

We visited at high tide and returned a little later in the day to view the rocks at low tide. Just Wow!
Next, Prince Edward Island. We allowed only one day to see and stay on the island and honestly, I should have done more research. We did tour the Anne of Green Gables Heritage Place (photo below), but we really didn't see much else, and early the next morning we left the island.
We caught the ferry for Nova Scotia on an early, foggy, and chilly June morning! 
After arriving in Nova Scotia, we made a beeline for Cape Breton and the Cabot Trail.
Around every bend..
Around every turn,
Was beautiful scenery,
Pretty vistas,
And amazing views!
After a full day of sightseeing, I was so excited to arrive at our destination..The Keltic Lodge.
Set on a rocky peninsula, surrounded by the Atlantic Ocean, the views were simply stunning.

It's peaceful here and just so beautiful that we never wanted to leave.
So, the next morning after a wonderful breakfast in the Purple Thistle dining room,   
 we headed out for more!
Look at this! I think we need a red boat!
Can you believe I've barely mentioned food, or sweets even once? Well, we tried several candy bars whilst in Canada, I mean, why wouldn't we?! 

The Wunderbar was the most delicious, unique and unforgettable bar of candy. So much so, that we bought a case before leaving the country. It is a tasty, crunchy, chewy blend of peanut butter, caramel and chocolate. This one is a keeper! Yum!
Onto Peggy's Cove!
The fog and drizzling rain have followed us for over 300 miles..
 But it matters not..
For it is still beautiful!

Now it was time for lunch and we just happened to find Shaw's Landing which featured three pound lobsters and lovely views!
Hubby even made their "Wall of Fame" with his massive crustacean! 

He also said it was delicious!
Moving right along, all the way back to the U.S., you can find Perkin's Cove in Ogunquit, Maine, by walking along the incredibly beautiful Marginal Way
And in Perkin's Cove, you will find adorable shops..
 (my favorite!)
 ..restaurants and even more beautiful scenery!
Lobster is in supply aplenty on our coastal getaway, so we enjoyed the Lobster Shack in the quaint, Perkin's Cove more than once!
Just across the street you will see the draw bridge.
So pretty!
I gave my fitbit quite a workout as we walked the Marginal Way several times in the couple of days we spent here!
I chose the Beachmere Inn for our stay after I found it on Google. The location, the setting, the view..did I mention the view?!! This is the view from our balcony! This is also where we actually began our trip.

We would have liked a room closer to the ocean front, but we only booked a month out, so this was totally okay!
We ended our trip with a stay in Bar Harbor, Maine at Moseley Cottage Inn in the Strath Eden Room. Loved this quiet, romantic room!
Bar Harbor was lovely, offering picturesque views, but if you drive through Acadia National Park all the way to the summit of Cadillac Mountain, you will be rewarded with magnificent views. After all, you are now at the highest point on the eastern seaboard!

Look in the center left of this photo. Do you see that boat. That is a cruise ship!!
There was so much to see in the park and when lunchtime rolled around, we made our way to the Jordan Pond House where we enjoyed yummy soups and popovers with strawberry jam! It was perfect!

Back down the mountain and we are in downtown Bar Harbor.
In my Mom's younger days, she traveled to many places. 
Among them are, Bar Harbor, Maine, Halifax and Peggy's Cove, Nova Scotia. These were on our itinerary as I wanted to retrace those same steps she took many years ago. She is no longer able to travel..I feel very blessed to have been able to stand where she once did.

I've got tons more photos, but I'll stop here and hope I haven't bored you to tears!
So now, I will get back to the task at hand. And that is to show you how I created these Chocolate Moose.

Oh, but first..remember when I told you, I saw a moose in Cape Breton?

Well, I have no photo, was a dark and stormy night..haha, no kidding, it really was!

We were driving late one evening, around 10:30. No street lights, it was raining and just before we got to Neil's Harbor, there it was! A ginormous moose just standing in the middle of the road! I was so shocked, excited, freaked out that I did not get to my camera in time to get a picture! But we will never forget it!

I looked for a moose cookie cutter the rest of our trip and finally ordered one online from Fancy Flours.

I've had the cutter for long enough, and so now I've made my own moose to relive that fun memory! 

Snack size Kit Kats, full size Hershey bars, mini M&Ms, black Jelly Belly jelly beans, candy eyes and a moose head cutter are the items I used to make my candy moose. 
Unwrap room temperature Hershey bars and gently press cutter through candy. Gently press to remove from cutter.
I was able to get two moose heads from each chocolate bar.
Melt chocolate scraps in microwave to use as the "glue" to attach candy pieces.

Cut mini M&M in half to use as the nostrils and attach.
Attach eyes to head and the head to Kit Kat. Attach jelly bean "hooves".
Ooh..ain't he cute?
These moose may look wide-eyed, but I can promise you the real life one we saw did not! 

Happy moose hunting..if you're into that sort of thing! I know I am!

Have a sweet day, Karen 😃

Before you leave, say hello to my moose friends!