Thursday, August 29, 2019

Beachy Fun Crab Cakes

Happy Labor Day Weekend!

Hopefully you are not in the path of Hurricane Dorian, but if you are, prayers that you stay safe!

My family and I have had a beach trip planned for months and we may get rained out but we are still making the trek!

So I wanted to make a fun and beachy themed treat to celebrate our end of summer vacay. I came up with some sweet & crabby crab cakes. 😛
I have lots of photos to go along with my post, but my new-ish laptop doesn't want to cooperate. I will post an update with said photos once Bessie is feeling like herself again!

**updated with photos**

I used, Hostess Ding Dong cakes, vanilla and aqua frostings, graham crackers, strawberry licorice wheels, cherry Pull-n-peels, large candy eyes, and fondant for the seashells.
Pull strips of the twizzlers and then cut into equal size pieces for the crab legs!🦀
I used star tips and decorator bags to pipe onto the cakes. I piped white frosting on half of the cake and then topped with crushed graham cracker "sand". 
I then piped on blue icing "waves".
Next, I placed six pull-n-peel crab legs, placed a licorice wheel body on top of that, and then the candy eyes to top it all off.
I can 👀 you!
Can you 👀 me?!
I wanted some nice seashells for my crabs so I pulled and folded the white and light brown fondant together to create a pretty, marbled look.
Then I dusted the mold lightly with cornstarch and pressed fondant into mold and gently unmolded.
If you're like me and like a nice sheen on your seashells-say that three times fast-just apply a little white pearl dust to them with a food only paintbrush. Woah! Looks like I need to invest in some new ones!
Know somebody that's feelin' a little crabby?
These sweet crab cakes can turn that frown upside down!
Now here's to praying that Hurricane Dorian dissipates!!

'till we sweet again, Karen 😊