Sunday, December 13, 2015

Grinch Candy Spoons

Grinch Candy Spoons!
Ah! This story gets me every time!

I also made these Grinch lollipops a couple of years ago.
To make the Grinch candy spoons, you will need:
yellow oval sprinkles
black confetti sprinkles
black string licorice
white Sixlets
white sparkling sugar
red, green and white candy melts
candy writer pen
not pictured: corn syrup, paintbrush, wax paper, heart sprinkles
 Attach black sprinkles to yellow "eyes" with corn syrup.

I forgot to take photos for making the eyebrows.
Basically I just used my scissors to cut and trim them from the black string licorice. Super easy.
After I saw these adorable bugle Santa hats at Shelly's Cookies & Cups, I knew the Grinch would love to have one of his own! 

Instead of marshmallows, I used Sixlets for the hat tip.

Melt candy melts @ 50% power in 30 second intervals stirring each time until melted and smooth.

Dip Bugle in red melts, attach candy ball and hold a few seconds till set. Lay on wax paper till firm.
Dip bottom end of bugle into white melts, sprinkle on white sugar and let set till completely set.

*i used the tip of a spatula to clear the excess melted candy from hat opening to ensure it would sit atop the Grinch's head.
 Melt green candy melts at 30 second intervals @ 50% power stirring each time until melted and smooth.

Dip spoon into melted candy and clean excess from edges.
Place candy eyes and eyebrows.
I then rested mine on the curve of a fork until candy hardened.
 Time to Grinch up his face.
I gave one Grinch a sweeter face with curved eyebrows and a kind smile.

Using the black candy writer, draw his nose and mouth.
 Feeling Christmasy yet?
Don't forget the Grinch.
I know he's mean and hairy and smelly.
His hands might be cold and clammy,
but I think he's actually kinda...
Merry Christmas!

Comments fill me with cheer!

Sweet thoughts, Karen


  1. Karen, These could not be any cuter! I LOVE them!

  2. my heart grew 3 times bigger lookin' at these! :>D

    1. Woohoo..then my job is done! Haha..Thank you Lisa! :-)

  3. I didn't think it was possible to love the Grinch any more but you just made it happen! Neatest spoons EVER!!!

  4. I haven't made any grinch sweets, I just LOVE your little spoons!