Saturday, May 9, 2020

White Chocolate Covered Marshmallow Daisy Bouquet

One Daisy For You
One Daisy For Me
One Daisy For Mom
She's As Sweet As Can Be!

These Daisy Pops with their bright, sunshiny yellow color and sweet tiny bluebirds make my heart happy and my face smile! 

I hope they will for you too!

I'm sharing these with all the sweet Moms in my life.
They're so simple to make and the kids can really have some fun helping you with these! 
"Where Flowers Bloom, So Does Hope."
 For your daisy pops you will need:
White chocolate (or vanilla) candy melts
Yellow food color
Green foodwriter pen
Lollipop sticks
Bluebird sprinkles (optional)
Melt candy melts at 50% power at 30 second intervals stirring each time until melted smooth.

Mix in a couple of drops of yellow food coloring stirring to combine well.

Pop two marshmallows onto each lollipop stick and dip in melted candy. Place daisy onto dipped marshmallow and place on parchment paper to completely harden. Draw stems onto set candy.
 I found these adorable tiny bluebird sprinkles and had to add them to my daisies!

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I would like to wish you all
a very Happy Mother's Day!

'til we sweet again, Karen💗