Friday, January 6, 2017

Kit Kat Snowman Craft

It's coming, it's's here!!!

As I sit here in my cozy chair by the fire and my hubby is grilling on the back porch, the first snowflakes are falling in Georgia!

We wait for this (sometimes elusive) day every year.

We finally have our...
Look at this cutie!

To get started, I dipped my knife in hot water, dried it off, then gently cut the candy bar into four sections.
Items I used to build my candy snowman:
White Chocolate Kit Kat bars
Candy coated sunflower seeds (for the nose)
Candy eyes
White candy melts (for the "glue")
Blue, pink and chocolate fondant

Tools and supplies I used:
Fondant roller
2 inch square cutter
paintbrush (used the handle end to dab on melted candy)
off-set spatula
parchment paper
To make the fondant hat, roll out fondant on parchment paper, cut out a two inch square, fold up bottom edge, place on top of Kit Kat bar and mark lines in hat with spatula.

Now just wrap the hat around the head section of candy bar, press cut ends together in back, gently gather middle section and pinch off top. Roll the pinched off fondant into a ball and press onto top of hat.

Whew! That sounds like a lot of steps, but after you try it once, you will be an expert fondant hat maker! 
Melt candy wafers in microwave and attach candy eyes and nose.
Baby it's cold outside, so our snowman needs a scarf!

Roll out two pieces of colored fondant and cut into strips.
Place strips side by side and roll together using fondant roller.

Cut out two lengths and using a knife, fringe the scarf ends.
Attach scarf to snowman with melted candy.

I then used snowflake sprinkles to decorate my hats!

How incredibly quick and easy these were to make. And you know that means more time to play in the snow!
Do you wanna eat a snowman?!! Yum!

Thanks for dropping by and if anybody needs me, I'll be outside!

Have a sweet and snowy day, Karen! 😊