Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Bunny Lollipops!

It's a belated Easter Craft!
It's also kind of a long story..these Bunny Pops
came to me as I was melting so many Jolly Ranchers last month.( Initial inspiration came from a cute blog! I apologize I can not find it. I will keep searching and will edit this post when I do. It featured 3 melted peppermints on a stick!) **Edit. I found it! Click here!** So..i made a trip to the store to look for pink Starlight mints. (It was only later that I realized there is no pink in the pastel mix..but yellow & orange will work just fine.) Then I made another trip and another and so on. I knew the pastel mints were out there, I just couldn't find them. As I was searching on the internet, my hubby called me from work. I mentioned my dilemma to him (and trust me,it WAS a dilemma). I thought he would just go online and search like i was doing..but my sweetie left the shop (which is a rare thing) and went to several stores on the great candy hunt. 
No Luck! Then I did a google image search and found this link! My hubby ordered two 5lb bags.
Now everything is great. I'm thinking I'll get the candy by the weekend, and make a last minute Easter post. To make a long story a bit shorter, I missed some emails about my order and my Easter deadline as well. I ended up getting a phone call from the company and my shipment was finally on it's way. I received my candy yesterday..YAY! 
Bottom line: if you want to make these bunnies and can not find the pastel mints..I would recommend this company. They do have great customer service. :o) 
So now..let's get started!
We begin with these..the Famous Starlight mints!
Unwrap several of these as you will need 
16 for each pop. 
 I think these are pretty all on there own.
 These are the candies I used to decorate my pops. 
 Mini M&Ms, Sixlets & some Easter sprinkles.
 Equipment needed: baking sheet, lollipop sticks & parchment paper.
 Preheat oven to 275 degrees. 
Place your 16 unwrapped candies on your parchment  paper lined baking sheet.
Bake 8-10 minutes. Mine took 10.
Upon removing your pan from the oven, 
Insert stick into melted candy gently turning.
Immediately, place your candy decorations pressing gently. And there you have it! Sooo easy. :o)
Repeat with the orange candies. If you're having trouble with your decorations not sticking well enough, just dot with a little corn syrup. 
Now..wasn't that
I'm including a picture of the *prototype* I made a few weeks ago. The funny thing is, I like it!
When I first made it, I thought it looked too Christmassy with the red candy..
What do you think?
Wishing you all a 
Blessed Week.
Happy Creating 
Sugartown Sweets!
Thank You For Stopping By My Blog Today!


  1. Super cute!! The orange ones are my favorite! :)

    1. Thank you Stephanie..I know how you love your orange. :o)

  2. How freakin' cute are these??? Brilliant.

    1. Thank you so much..I love your recipes! I just found the "Salsa Fresca" a few minutes ago..love it. :o)