Thursday, February 28, 2013

Easter Chick Chocolate Bowl & Bunny Peeps

 Have you ever made one of those "chocolate balloon bowls"?
They're so easy..and cute sweet!
Just be sure to wash the inflated balloons with warm soapy water
and dry them first if you plan on eating them.
I used very small balloons (1$ bag of assorted sizes from Dollar Tree).
Make sure chocolate is completely hardened before peeling off the balloon.
Sweet little chicken feet!
Funny thing..these chicken legs look strangely similar to these turkey!
 Stuff you'll need: Yellow and orange candy melts, edible Easter candy grass, bubble gum Easter eggs, candy eyeballs (i got mine @ Michael's), triangle sprinkles, Peeps, pretzel sticks, balloons & parchment paper.
I used a small paintbrush to dab melted candy to backs of candy eyeballs and triangles.
 Place the pieces onto the candy bowl to form the eyes and nose. 
Fill bowl with candy grass, bubble gum eggs & bunny Peeps. Set bowl in center of candy grass swirl. 
Press chicken legs into a bunny can giggle here..and you're done!
I love Easter chicks and here to see this cute little bunny treat or here for bunny lollipops I made last year.
Wishing You All a Blessed & Happy Easter From
Sugartown Sweets!
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