Thursday, October 31, 2013

Birthday Lollipops!

 Sugartown Sweets is 2 Today! 
What else would I make but Jolly Rancher Lollipops? *wink*
I'm still thrilled to be here..still loving making crafty little treats..and most of all, love when y'all stop by to see "what's cooking"! I may spend a little too much time checking out all the amazing edible crafts other bloggers are posting on their sites and of course on Pinterest (what did we do without it), but how can you blame me? I have so many favorites. I absolutely consider myself blessed to have just a small part in Bloggerland! 
I love embossed fondant. See my Embossed Cookies.
 So today I am embossing lollipops! I ordered my stamps from Purple Cupcakes. 

As the photo above instructs, remove melted candy from oven and wait 5-6 minutes before impressing candy. Removing lollipop from pan just keeps the candy from melting any further.

A huge Thank You to Edible Crafts, and Beth at Hungry Happenings 
for featuring my sweets & treats. Both are big inspirations for me!
Sugartown Sweets thanks you for stopping by.
You are Appreciated.
Comments Are Welcome!


  1. What a fun use of a rubber stamp and the lollipops are so easy to make. They would be easy enough to make just one to add to a birthday present. Love it!

    I'm happy to feature your sweets. You have such amazing ideas!!

    Beth @ Hungry Happenings

  2. I love your ideas and will be using them for a baby shower. I will be sure to put a tag on them so others can know where to find such great ideas. I was looking for jolly rancher pop ideas and I found you. Now another great jolly rancher idea. Happy 2nd Birthday!

    1. Thank you so much..glad you like them! And thank you for sharing with your friends. Happy Baby Shower!

  3. Happy 2nd Birthday, Sugartown Sweets!! What an accomplishment!! :)