Saturday, May 11, 2013

Brown Rim Cookies

~Cookies for My Mom~
I love Mother's Day! To me it's a pretty pink and green kind of day..and of course we can't forget the sweets. I made some for my awesome Momma! God has blessed me with several wonderful Moms in my life. My own..I love you Mom! My daughter Stephanie (best daughter ever!). Sisters Donna, Kim, Chrissy and Sherri. My mother-in-law Faye. My Aunt Anna Maye. I love you all! Two of the sweetest and most beautiful grandmothers ever are already in Heaven..Grandma, who made many a sweets in her day. And MeMaw, my Mom's Mom. She made lots of sugary treats as Mom was growing up. I wanted to bring her back a little taste of the "good old days". Yay! She liked them. Mission Accomplished! They're nostalgic and tasty sans the cute.
 But, I made cute last Mother's day with these and these!
 I snapped this photo from my homemade cookbook. My sweet baby sister Sherri has put together several family recipe cookbooks for us over the years. She's awesome like that.
In mixer bowl, combine Crisco, salt..
..and vanilla. Beat these three ingredients together.
Add sugar and eggs mixing thoroughly. I just love the pretty yellow color..
 After you've mixed in the flour, grease a baking sheet. I used butter flavored Crisco.

Mom says Memaw really flattened out these little cookies! 
I don't know how long this recipe has been around..but at least since the 1940s!
 Thanks for the memories MeMaw!
Happy Mother's Day 


  1. I'm loving the old fashioned recipes resurfacing! The cookies great!

    1. Thank you! I agree about the old recipes..I LOVE looking through ours!