Friday, November 14, 2014

Easy Cookies & Candy Turkey Craft

Easy Turkey Craft Using Store-bought Cookies and Candies!
We're only two weeks out from Thanksgiving, and I have so much to thank God for! My family (including our sweet fifteen week old addition!),  my salvation, a wonderful home church and so much more.

There is no doubt God is better to me than I deserve. 
My prayer is that you all have a wonderfully blessed and Happy Thanksgiving!

This sweet and easy turkey craft would make a fun table favor for your holiday get-togethers.
A simple cello bag tied up with festive ribbon will do the trick. 
Your guests will gobble them up!

For more turkey crafts, I made these turkey lollipops last year plus these stuffed marshmallow turkeys!

I am joining Kitchen Fun With My 3 Sons Crafty Friday Link Party for the first time! 

Pop on over to see all the awesome craftiness! 
*edit* One of my readers suggested that the candy feathers would also look good attached to the front of the cookie. I told her I thought she was right.
Well..kudos to her because I tried it here and I LOVE it!
Thank you Tavette!
I also flipped the peppermint patty to the textured side. Win!
All these ingredients should be easy to come by with the exception of the triangle sprinkles. I bought mine at Wal-mart. If you can't find them, here is a link to purchase them.

You could also substitute another candy..candy corn, m&m, etc.
Melt a few chocolate chips just enough to soften them. 
If you get them too hot, it will just take that much longer to set.

Spread the chocolate onto the top, striped side of the cookie.
Place the Mike & Ike "turkey feather" candies and let set till completely hardened. 
Use the melted chocolate chips as a "glue" to attach all the remaining candy pieces.
And just like that, your turkey craft is done!

How much fun will the kiddos have putting these together!?

Wishing You All a Blessed and Happy Thanksgiving From
Sugartown Sweets!

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  1. Brilliant, just brilliant. What a potpourri of flavors to tantalize your tastebuds!!!!

  2. So cute and so simple. I love them and know the kids will too.

    1. Thank you Beth! They do love coming to Grandma's house and eating her latest project. :o)

  3. Wow they are so cute Karen,what an imagination!! Love em!

    1. Thank you Donna! These were easy and fun to make. :-)

  4. tell those turkeys to hide because yes i am going to come and take them all away! :>D

  5. I think the "feathers" would look good also if they were attached to the front of the turkey. I'm gonna guess they're Mike & Ike candies?

    Hmm.....chocolate stripe cookie, peppermint patty and Mike & Ikes - sounds delish. Glad you posted with Kitchen Fun With My 3 sons.

    Happy Thanksgiving from S. Florida - Tavette

    1. Thank you for the suggestion Tavette. I think you're right! Happy Thanksgiving!